17 August 2013

Okeanos Explorer Highlight: Northeast U.S. Canyons 2013 - Lantern Shark and Lobster Pot Pile

The Deep Discoverer ROV passes a lantern shark. Later in the clip the ROV explores a pile of lobster pots. Lantern sharks are in the elasmobranch family and ...

just blow around with your bubble cam

momentarily kill taillight here just yes I rock if you don't mind me turning on your hydraulics briefly to make sure that the swing arms are where they should be for your rock and how about a bunch of as a wuzzle there's a collection of Dave think you were right about what this might be and an indication of what this might be or fishing gear yep see any lines nope yeah there's line there it's there all coiled up see it yep there's some line going I see something and you have to distance up in the air it looks like more coils I just got rid of the flare in your screen buy it off no I like down the upper swing arms were tilted slightly downwards oh yeah Charlie flares the camera when you're looking straight ahead let's check the starboard wanna well I think we have a gear Wow Wow yeah I said okay if I take your mini Zeus and look up yeah yeah those were see the difference in their Europe they could go away he died yeah I just did and just as a demonstration we don't want and that's that's what happens when it's looking down which is great when you're looking

at your toes for a macro shot but not when you want it to give you a good video looking driving around right now your thrusters look good the controller temperatures are right yeah there's a get your ship in a good position and then we can move on resistance is 18 bago right now on the bottom a whole collection of it I'll be one long line yeah pilot where would you like your mini zoos pointed down straight ahead no I want to want to have that as up actually straight ahead yeah early warning system Roger yeah it's probably good there yep a little bit much of backscatter up there actually just get those flares out of there just down a smidge that's good yeah okay overshot yeah well I'll give it back to you you got it this isn't nearly as good as yesterday is it better to bid it a year