10 September 2019

old lady tries walking into bathroom blocking my service dog, stamps are flying now

this old lady did it on purpose, her stamp is the least of my concern, she just stamped everyone I see even slightly glancing my way, , if not the entire town of ...

blocked me from coming out of the damn

bathroom that was weird he's helded like stamps or huh that was pretty weird so I'm coming out of the bathroom and she's standing right in front of the doorway we're gonna give everybody a stamp they're getting creative they're getting creative now come on Stan doorway as opposed weirded to give so I'll say they all want baby raper stamp so we will stamp the Adam what they're doing he's trying to trip me up from just using the Wi-Fi we're gonna baby paper stamp everybody in the building I'm sorry folks little bat some old lady standing trying to rest my dog is what she was doing she just stamped everybody in the town for that right baby raper damn straight she did scumbags everybody's here for their stamps now right baby riff look at her play with her baby raper phone stay up time phone ID Oh like a team to looking at niggas like a team of scumbags plotting folks we got your team by Jerrold record ok you let you get a baby reinforced steel what the is this paste and of course the is this tag she's all over it too

CHD 75 one like a team a team we're now playing it well let's go give them the stamps they desire got a team work and I come on did ya you know innocent little one okay okay the next player 5 5 7 q WG the baby raper crews coming in for their stamps god this one's too ugly even film let's go that one's too ugly to even film I have to have at least in Canada looks to go in edit baby Reapers um excuse me okay talk to your director real quick it's getting kind of cuckoo here all the sudden air you tell a driver you're getting a stamp y'all are hey brother hey I just come out of that bathroom and some old lady was standing there like stock of me coming out okay kind of weird the study was there's lady it's like a Dean thing you know I told you know I was coming out of the bathroom a dad directs that good yeah well she might have been waiting okay anyways I guess I don't want no trouble at her I decide I wanted to mining that stuff here's those for a team a team is coming in now to play games grab social media okay okay okay so just be on top but do you know who she is this one is this one are you

going to even one that come in the bathroom while I was coming out step back just a little bit I got a dog a dog was you one was you know and you've been on top my dog coming out of there