04 October 2018

Old town Wiener walk

Fallow me as i check out a bunch of wiener Dogs{ Dotson's) Michigan.

guys they're so cute

[Music] [Music] [Music] I welcome fellow travelers your traveling buddy here come to you de Lansing Michigan and I'm back here in Old Town today today they're having an event going on here I think you all like it's called the down a whole town Wiener walk we're gonna have a bunch of wiener dogs out of your Dodson's I figured I'd come check this out I think you'd like this well travel with me will you look at this one here in the costume okay you're Robin Hood I'm not walking or riding style look at me oh I like that hi what's your name my story oh poor puppy gotcha wawas here look at this hey hey what's his name Louie all right Louie I like your bandana oh I'm behind or hiding well you just hide I'm sorry I won't hurt you I just try to take the picture my aunt is the one here with the banner he's our being what's this little guy's name that's Daryl no all right Daryl I like you spots on you he just said I mom

right interesting all these other dogs that's Snoopy well you look like Snoopy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] relax [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] look at this one here he's gotten dressed up as a hot dog going up [Music] but this little guys name Jackie Wong hot dog girl in disguise Jack Russell in the skies are wanted to join the Weiner she had to come with her best friend Harrison sucker and big boys named chubs you fix it right what's these Tuesday this is pepper pepper well hi pepper so cute over here look at him he just says I'm bigger than all you guys he's the big winner you're a tough little guy they're down oh yeah

hi there I'm a therapy dog see that poor girl she's like 12 years old she's still kicking right I like a license plate under so let's roll she shook you you're gonna big take a bigger look over Wally's got [Music] [Music] [Music] alright fellow travelers I bought it for this whole town Riverwalk Wiener walk I'm sorry it's hard to say that I thought it was cute to see it all these little dogs just walking around hope you enjoyed this if you liked this hit that like button share subscribe any comments for me leave me a comment any comments appreciated in the ideas for me to do let me know I just might show up and do it so till next time travelers I see you around the mitten we got moose and like thunder again is that that's the way they roll they stick their heads off the windows and they try you