23 August 2019

On a dog walk sharing how my week is going. August 23, 2019 V#0006

On a dog walk sharing how my week is going. August 23, 2019 https://moneyscaping.com/2019/09/01/dog-walking-for-money/ https://jnepodcast.podbean.com/ ...

hey there my friends out here on this

beautiful day doing another dog walk with fable this is my second video I've done with her I just had some thoughts I wanted to share with you guys I've had a really good week had some good interactions with some beautiful people and have a she's just a few thoughts I wanted to share first off I'm starting to see what it is that I want to do exactly and my mind is definitely angling me towards the social media marketing end of this this journey I'm on getting a lot of good information from a podcast called social media marketing Michael Stelzner I'll leave the link for that podcast at the bottom of this I'm through here and just uh you know my thought going into this was just do it you know something I picked up off of somebody that I've been watching on YouTube he does a YouTube channel in a podcast called the journey of a new entrepreneur and I'll leave a link to that as well is that he told me through his podcast that imperfect action beats perfect in action and in any day so what we're doing here is completely imperfect but it's better than doing nothing so

that's why I'm doing what I'm doing because but don't do something that I am 100% positive that nothing will happen do you like me nothing isn't what I'm looking for what I'm looking for is some sort of full mill the fulfilment something to make me feel like I have more than just a singular purpose and something to get me away from self-centered actions while at the same time bringing me some financial freedom you know at least the mental freedom of doing things I don't want to now granted most of my time these days like right now I'm getting paid to walk this beautiful dog and she's become a good friend of mine actually even though I don't get to spend about an hour and a half within a week that's enough but uh III make some money doing things I love a lot of time you know this thing here I can listen to podcasts and YouTube and audiobooks getting some exercise getting a footy friend it's a good thing and I really really love it but I'd like to move into you know I actually I'd like to continue doing this while I have other things that you obviously have a larger reach and it would love to be able to reach thousands of people and

help them on their own personal journeys because I know we all got a journey we all start somewhere and the worst thing we can do is just just stand still so what I'm doing is I'm moving and moniece keeping calm it's working out pretty good I like the way it looks so far I know it's going to go through a lot of changes but right now it's it's a it's in this baby stage and uh you know baby stage is better than than no stage at all I just put up an article called five ways to earn money and be your own boss so if you go to money scaping comm and check out that article let me know what you think send me an email Daniel J at Money scaping comm I would love your input as of today it is not completely copy it or revise but there it is the beef of it the meat of it most of its there and I apologize to you vegans out there if you don't like my choice of words anyways I'm gonna get back running with Little Miss Babel here and we're going to finish out the exercise portion of our walk today appreciate you guys watching my video and you know please stick around keep watching and keep growing and if you're sitting on your couch get up and do

something thanks guys later