30 August 2013

One Picture Saves a Life - Chicago Animal Care and Control Tour Stop

Seth Casteel of Underwater Dogs a John Paul Pet groomer recently stopped by Chicago Animal Care and Control for a One Picture Saves a Life workshop.

my name is hyper copy father you know

the deputy director of the Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control there here he is making babies a available for adoption right now you're at our shelter we're proud to be the homeless shelter for the Chicago stop or the one feature saves saves a live tour around father's car-repair control what picture saves a lot to support the one pitcher save the life project free kibble comm is donating ten thousand meals of hallo spots to at each of the one pitcher saves a life six tour stops animal advocate in hallo co-owner Ellen DeGeneres and free kibble compounder Mimi Osmond have teamed up to feed shelter pets only the best and together they help feed over 1.5 million pets every year healthy pet food is absolutely essential and we feed very high grade food to our cats at Chicago Cat Rescue and I cannot tell you how excited I am the free Kimmel and halo are making a donation to be shared in the Chicagoland community to the rescues john-paul pets here one of our groomers is here I was going to show you how to use these products grooming products to help with the entire cost so this is a photography workshop that being said

there's also a grooming element to it what we're trying to do with the time fees we're trying to make our adoptable one picture saves a life my name is Lydia Kerr penske I work for the anti-cruelty Society and I loved this workshop because it gave us lots of practical tips that we can then take home and implement at our shelter hi I'm Natalie jigglin and I travel to the one picture saves a life conference today about 200 miles from Galesburg Illinois and I would really like to take this information on the road all around central Illinois where there are many shelters underfunded understaffed who really need some help and I think I could do this like good photographer and I'm very excited about all the things that we did here today and I hope that we can really make a difference death is great you know I his personality came through on the videos that are on the website which are enormous ly helpful and wonderful and he just was very upbeat very exciting and very personable and approachable you know at first I didn't know what he was like you know but he seemed like a

really just this sweet down-to-earth guy and really fun and wants to help and he knows this stuff he knows it stuff that's for sure one picture saves a life my name is Diane Meyer and I work with the Downers Grove West Suburban Humane Society and she in the Chicago area I actually foster dogs for the Humane Society and I've had about 40 puppies anything like one picture saves a life that could you know support shelter puppies and dogs is amazing because there's just so many dogs out there that need homes and they have so much to give and you know people just don't know about it they're just wonderful little animals and they they need advertisement they need marketing and they need people to speak for them you can mark it a puppy and make it look so loveable that anybody would want it I mean the pictures that we saw before and after makes such a difference and I know it'll make a difference with the puppies that I have one picture save it like even though sex with Chicago Cat Rescue so first off just thank you to the sponsors this has been amazing I came here today I've just recently taken over

our Facebook page and being responsible for a pet finder and the marketing aspects are so daunting for us and rescue and taking that good picture and we know it's going to make a difference from the mechanics of the camera to putting it online all of that information is like it's kind of overwhelming and Seth broke it down for us in this very simple way of how to work the camera how to take that engaging lecture and how to then market it and get that animal out there and get it into its forever home one picture saves a life hi my name is Miranda hey and I'm the president of the Humane Society in Sullivan Indiana rural southwestern Indiana at the mill the cornfield so we came to Chicago today for the one picture saves Life workshop extremely excited to be a part of this project I met Seth at the HSUS Expo in Nashville and I've been anxiously awaiting the workshop since then I was able to go online and learn so much just by watching his videos in five minutes that I spent with him at the expo I already had the camera and went home and bought the right lens and from there our

shelter photography has just taken off we have had numerous successful adoptions because of our pictures on our website and our Facebook page and we're just really excited to continue and get even better and save more lives one picture saves alive you