16 February 2016

One-Time Treatment for Saggy Jowls?

A new procedure called “The Profound” claims to tighten saggy jowls in just one session. But does it work? Find out as The Doctors and dermatologist Dr.

there's another new beauty treatment we

want to cover some industry experts say the new procedure called the profound is revolutionary and a beauty breakthrough it promises results with just one session but does it really work we followed one guest who wanted to try it out check it out you don't think about it when you're younger what you look like when you look in the mirror and all of a sudden you're your parents see sagging jowls I see wrinkly skin the idea of going to surgery for something like this the risk of anesthesia it's just not worth it feeling self-confident is important I figured it 60 years old it was the year I should do something with my face because it seems to be slinking down to my knees it's time I don't know if it's gonna make that much of a difference but I might be pleasantly surprised Nina is the perfect candidate for profound because she's already ruled out a surgical facelift but she does have significant sagging of the skin and a softening of her jawline Annette profound is the first injectable laser and what that means is that instead of delivering the laser or radiofrequency energy on the skin surface it delivers

it directly into the skin using hair fine needles the procedure itself takes approximately 30 minutes this is my multi injector are you ready I numbed five times the surface area with one shot these are the needles the energy is delivered between the needle electrode pairs here we go one two three that's it the insertions are about three millimeters apart and I'm going to do 50 on each side and 50 on the neck it delivers the results that in a randomized trial where one-third the result of a surgical facelift dr. McKeown elecciones and Nina both join us and let's take a good look at her today I see a bit of difference definitely tighter um and I know it's only 20% of the final result so have me back in four to six months and I'll tell you more dr. Alexia is this this technology I have some patients who have had this done and it literally looks like they have had a facelift I mean the results are really incredible it's interesting because profound is the first technology that's been developed to inject the radiofrequency energy into the skin up until now lasers there were non-responders people who just didn't

respond because it was on the skin surface it was like a one-size-fits-all this injects energy to attain a result in every single individual dependent of skin d no matter how old or how faggy Brian is dr. Ordon are you getting worried I know I hear you and I like this technology is sort of the best of both worlds you're penetrating into the dermis where you want something to happen you're using that heating energy so this is this is pretty cool yeah and what's important to understand about the profound is because it's relying on your own stem cells to make collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid the three main components of skin you get a natural result and that process takes 12 months to play itself out but putting it to the test why I wanted us to come at the one month time pointed you can be a short Nina's had nothing else nobody's going to come on the show twelve months later and not have had some other treatment a laser here there are injectables but you can be assured that if you're already seeing a before and after result which is only 20% of the final outcome at one month that's only going to accumulate over

Joline tightening because of the elastin creates a tightening effect it's approximately 4500 dollars but if you think about it in a randomized trial to the standard surgical facelift it was 37% the result of a facelift so that's really very cost effective when it's we're talking a single treatment hmm well voices we love new treatments thank you so much for sharing this with you