07 November 2018

Opening 10 Yo Kai Watch Dog Tag Packs

Greetings fellow Portal Masters and welcome to another Unboxing on the channel! Yeah, I do those now! This time around,if you've seen any of the Epic ...


greetings fellow polymath design crash Roslin's once again time to crash this counts with this unboxing video here on the channel you did the epic unboxing and boxing of epicness and all that with midge but yeah we got three more episodes that but right now well I don't know but this is gonna be uploaded so but yeah in those episodes we unboxed a bunch of these yokai watch dog tags C and Talos at Walmart I bought 10 of them yay so if you look at our collection here spoilers for the up that epic unboxings we've gotten a nice few of them anything that has an X on them is ones that we've collected it was just a probably an easier way to show it every one of these that have XS we have those so yeah so what I'm going to do is I'm going to unbox a bunch for you guys here on the channel now we're gonna open them up and hopefully we can find a bunch that we don't have it's very simple honestly so all I'm gonna do is just put if it open and see what we get we're gonna leave the dog tank for last oh I can't you look on the back okay so we got the shogun yun tattoo we got this shady sticker we have both of those already

unfortunately bah juice was already but we don't have run for it out just rough breath the tongue tribe check that rough wrap dog tag all right so we got one we got a new one or after that already perfect I'm very happy about that so this up to relieve that afterwards so let's see now so we have the whisper tattoo and the brave we already got both of those two tang fling it so this garbage throw honey and we have you know it's a rare we got a rare folks this is the golden dog tag of whisper oh they don't cut no that's huge we got a rare right off the bat look at that he is one of the rare ones the rear spring button is on there's actually shaped ones they said there's ones are shaped like jibanyan and whispers those are rare as well but this is a rare one golden tag oh man already off to a we could start all right next one open it up that we have jibanyan sticker oh I kicked the screen this is a jibanyan sticker we did kick the camera actually and we have the mysterious sticker which we already have see we have for a thing we have wall kappa i already have while kappa unfortunately

oh man you know you know what's you see still i'm gonna leave him in the package maybe a little more rare because it's in factions but yeah we got wall kappa i already have wall kappa so dang it we've already got one double know that over four in total software not bad two new ones including a rare we're doing well right after that here so what do we have to throw that in we got the one we got the white head yeah we got the rare sticker in the tattoo you know yeah boy that's big we have the white pad tattoo and the wife had stinger so we can mark them off such huge with a light touch this one may be a rare one Naoko we don't have no co and he looks really cool look at moko so this is cool see no cuts from the slippery tribes out here alright we got no coat and this says no go on the back with the tribe on it really cool we got ourselves another new one that is awesome another one let's get let's nobody say any more time and hop right into what Emma right alright let's see what we got don't need that part we have wall coppa do we need this one the tattoo we don't we already have a ballcap oh that sucks

and we have the eerie sticker which is fine and if we open this up we have another Naoko so you know it goes back to that god it's not a good sign it's a parent we're five in your sliding already we'll see what we get hoping we get one of the shaped eggs I would love to get one of the shaped eggs think are really cool so here we don't not go got stuff that was exactly ten of these up at the Walmart then I was at you got shady and Shogun Yun again already on both of those there was ten of those I think there might have been more but I only go get ten so I mean if you guys want more of this I can definitely try to dig some more oh look there comas and we got the regular comas in today oh you looks really cool now let's just stick to that and take a look at it look at that that is wow that's a really really cool dog tag look at the shine on that it's so cool but come on Sam from the heartfelt tribe in the back oh yeah look at that that is another one we got another new one awsome climber after that one this one's got comas and on the front let's open this up yeah I like that all of these have a rip on the side like shout out to the people who do

that we have mysterious and jibanyan which you've already got both of those and we got the rare golden jibanyan which i already have you got another rare but that's cool we got another rare in this unboxing which is awesome but I already have this jibanyan as you can see next up we got three left let's see what we got now let's go oh i'ma rip the whole thing up that time we got whisper the okay Butler and the brave tribe already got both of those that's fine and we have another golden rare of whisper two golden prayers of the same one that we just done bought unboxed or opened oh man well I'm not disappointed that it's a rare this point I already have this rare so like it's cool I like it this guy's cool we got some couple rares I'm sorry I start don't love this next one about holding my camera I'm new to the unboxing on camera thing so what do we have now we have wall kappa and the eerie already got both of those there's a second last water we have another no co3 no codes in these unboxings so no get leave infection syndrome you already got a no Kel we got three no codes we OCO on the no

code so right now this is my last one is last summer at if I don't get a new one in this one oops kicked my camera if I don't get a new one in this one then I'm gonna be four out of ten with new ones so that's not gonna be great I never got a single new well now I got the white pad stickers so yay but we're gonna open this one is hope that we get something new at least so we can break even with five five so here we go why pad and the why pad check that out we got another wipe iPad stickers so that's pretty cool excited for the live pad sticker thing lonely person worlds extended for a white head and we have that is a golden that's a golden tank of Blasi on no way here we go golden blaze e on to kill to end it off that's wicked that's so huge I'm so happy about that what a great unboxing so we got five new tags for this unboxing as you can see we got five in total of new ones and we got five that we already have but we got we unbox four rares with out of the ten so that was pretty huge but yes that is going to do for this epic unboxing I

guess or this 10 yokai watch dog tag unboxing if you guys want to see more you got to let me know believe in like in the comment below if you guys enjoyed this and I will do more of these if you guys want me to so as always I bid you fair I bid you farewell [Music] you [Music]