21 March 2019


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hey what's up guys welcome back to

another video and today we are gonna be playing parent simulator so as you guys know there was pet simulator which was huge and I think it's gone now I can't find it I mean maybe that's just me I think pet simulator is gone or maybe it's still there and I'm just crazy I don't know let me know down below but now there's something called pet ranch simulator um so yeah I don't know how this is gonna go so you have to click on the pet you were given we have a dog that looks very angry actually and a cat um I'm personally more of a dog person don't come for my neck y'all but I'm gonna equip a dog earn 1500 coins to buy your first egg okay what is happening do I just get oh oh I earn coins per second okay so this isn't one of those games where do you have to click over and over again it's just those games read literally just get coins per second so you just have to play and wait I guess so we have to earn 1500 to get our first coin so while we wait for that to go up my little dog is gonna stay here in the ranch we named him huh huh we can't name him that's kind of sad I wanted to name him like well what does he look like he looks like um she looks like a bar

follow me or something I don't know we're gonna follow the arrows and buy a new pet okay I know this is a lot like pet simulator oh my god is this togepi togepi is that you this is so much like pet simulator it like I smell a lawsuit y'all so here's the only egg we could afford because we're poor so there's a 35% chance of getting a dog and 30% chance of getting a cat I don't know what that is I'm kind of blind it looks like another cat maybe a different colored cat and then there's a bunny but if it's 10% chance of getting a bunny and we have a 5% chance of getting another dog but it looks like a super cute dog so we're just gonna we're gonna buy one let's go for it we got a booty yes oh my goodness snow is quaking right now oh my gosh okay wake whoo we equip all the pets at the same time oh yes we can't oh my God look at this we're earning fifty four coins per second Apple is quaking by the way this game is so green it's making my green screen think I'm green everything everybody's just shook okay y'all so I left for like what like five minutes and I come back and I have 50,000 coins my ranch is the

riving sisters literally I'm not even kidding my cat my bunny and my two dogs flexing on all the other an chah's like I don't care if that person has glow-in-the-dark pets and whatever my pet is my parents just not as good but whatever it's still it's so someone good but we're gonna go buy more eggs now with our 53,000 coins that we're gonna flex on all the other ranches on that ranch over there yeah our ranch over there there's so many hold on wait wait before we buy more eggs we gotta go see what our competition is this person has like glow-in-the-dark pets like I'm not even kidding a frozen wolf and a black bear is that your answer cuz you're flexing on me real hard Nova Fox what are these animals I literally have like a dog a cat a bunny like what is okay so I can actually not afford much it's fifty four thousand coins surprisingly what I could afford though is a tier two egg so we're just gonna buy one and even see what's inside we got a rare yes yes I don't know what it is to be honest with you guys I don't know what it is let's go back to our oath

you gotta up get our ranch no thank you we're gonna get rid of one of the dogs and we're gonna bring out a sapphire bunny this game knows me so well a sapphire bunny that looks so good my ranch is starting to look like a flex you know not just feel like a flexible like a flex so the bunny gives us 179 coins how many coins is this gonna give us 179 196 why do these give me more than the Sapphire bunny what kind of logic is that okay whatever we're back at 39,000 almost 40,000 so I'm gonna go back the branch buy more eggs you know what I feel like we're too fancy for the tier 1 eggs now we just gotta keep going for the tier 2 eggs that's the team a common I think that's a cat it looks like a cat to be a completely honest with you guys I'm gonna get rid of the other dog I'm sorry dog you gotta go you're gonna get ice cat out and actually we could almost afford the next egg just give it a second warning or earning 209 coins per second this is wild y'all another rare sapphire bunny oh my god reports I have 0 births is that good or bad I almost have no idea and then you could

upgrade for $2,000 oh we could equip more pets for 2,000 okay cool so I'm gonna quit her and we can still equip a dog I mean technically we could still equip a dog let's see how much is this why are you all just looking at this whoa that's here five egg is the ultimate flex that's our goal guys I really want the rare pet in this egg a dog I don't want another dog I want this dog like there's like a dog down there that has like a cool face I really want that one another dog how many dogs could we get in a row guys let's do some math and do some science oh there it is awesome dog yes okay we're going we got here--oh to the peasant dog I'm sorry peasant dog you gotta go it'll all be - any more coins though oh my god it only gives us plenty more coins why is that actually Loki's sad wait let's go check him out though I want to see him he's so he looks so nice but you only give those 24 coins let's go see him Wow he's like glowing he looks like a monkey he looks like I don't know he just looks crazy it get a ton of coins from our little pets here okay this is wild y'all this is wild we're just gonna get onto your two eggs that's what I'm gonna do I'm

gonna get a ton of two your two eggs and just unbox them all for you guys cuz to be honest I mean why not in the next video we could do a bunch of other eggs but for now we're just gonna go get the - two eggs I could get to them now I think I don't know what about to go find out and all I really want to get this Togo Peter looking egg so just bear with me guys subscribe if you're new we're gonna open that soon maybe in the next video of pet ranch oh we got a bat I'm it's it's a common but like it's low-key kind of cool okay look freaking bat we're gonna get rid of the white cat and get the bat in here we're gonna buy another tier 2 egg and we got an ice cat well 40 coins I'm sorry bunny snowy I'm sorry honey I love you but you gotta go okay and what is this a rebirth egg so if you use this you free Birds Eye yes I don't really know to be honest but we can almost unlock this one so I'm gonna open up one more of these guys and then we're gonna go check out everybody's ranch um can't open it hatch 10 eggs I've had ten eggs this is my tenth agony was a common okay wait how many eighty coins though it's

not bad I'm sorry I was really excited to get the awesome dog but you gotta kill we're bringing the bat out here I'm sorry you got to get that money okay see this girl's ranch it's kind of small it's not as small as mine though if we're being honest oh but I can upgrade my ranch yes I upgraded my ranch so now we've get the awesome dog back oh we could have eight oh eight pets I think that's it eighty I was like oh wow we've got snowy back that's good look at this girl's place wow she's got an awesome dog too saying what is this a fox it looks like a chinchilla type thing I wish I could steal people's pets like that sounds so wrong but like I kind of wish I could look at this person with all the glowing oh my god Nova demons boy egg I literally have like bunnies and puppies in mind this person adds like demons if there is what on earth okay well anyways let's go take a last look at my ranch when I started all I had was one dog now we have a wolf a bunny aka snowing and then we got a fat what the heck are you doing there excuse me

it just walks in like no big deal we have to sapphire oh okay the Sapphire bunnies are okay oh the Sapphire bunnies are wild they are crazy look at him go he just walks to now like no big deal like it's nobody's business then we got a nice cat an awesome dog another ice cat and then the bat again we just have a lot of repeats basically but I'm gonna go get more coins and then I'll do another unboxing in the next episode of pet ranch so if you guys are new here please make sure to subscribe to our notifications and leave a like on the video if you guys want to play with me go draw my discord the link is in the description see you guys next time me okay but look at sapphire cat or sapphire bunny over there just like staring into my soul he's not even in the ranch like is that even legal oh he's got coins okay that's fine you you do your things half-hour buddy you do your things I support you good job [Music]