13 August 2019


Today we will look into natural or organic pest control for garden millipedes. These natural remedies work very well to control or get rid off Greenhouse ...

hello friends today we look into some

natural or organic remedies to control or get rid of greenhouse millipedes or garden millipedes in your potting mix and also elsewhere in your garden will also learn whether these are poisonous and also some chemical pesticides that can kill these pests in your home and garden coming up before we start please make sure you have subscribe to our Channel along with the bail notification well the green house millipede also known as the hothouse millipede short flanch millipede or the garden millipede is a common creepy pest in your garden that can cause severe damage to emergent vegetable seedlings and eggplants how do I identify these millipedes there are a few types of these millipedes with hundreds of legs and can be white or brown or black in color unlike their cousin the centipede millipedes are not carnivorous instead they eat dead and rotting vegetation and hide in moist places like your soil mulch layer debris or inside the top layer of your soil they prefer darkness and moisture and hence they're more common in rainy season our millipedes poisonous or venomous do not be still scared millipedes unlike centipedes are not

venomous and are generally considered to be non poisonous however there are some really peat species that release some fluids that can cause irritation to human skin hence it's always better to wear garden gloves and employ safety precautions how do I kill or get rid of these garden pests there are many solutions to control millipedes we list out these one by one in five steps on number five visible millipedes can be smashed or can be swept with the broom or even a vacuum cleaner then can be later disposed but this is difficult because most of these are not visible and are found hiding under the soil or the mulch layer on number four sticky traps and light traps these are another option that can attract and trap these millipedes but these are not available easily on number three chemical pesticides we just name these pesticides because will not use any chemicals in our garden specially vegetable gardening the chemical pesticides that work our products are safe lutheran pyrethrins Piper O'Neil butoxide Delta matron cypermethrin bifenthrin etc there are number two chicken and cats before we proceed to

our natural remedies will discuss on chicken chicken love to eat this type of insects and pests keeping a few hands can do wonders to get rid of these millipedes and even other pests in your garden cats though they do not eat millipedes they may chase them play with them and smash them to some extent then on number one natural and organic pesticides the mechanism of action of any pesticide whether organic or inorganic is either by systemic effect that is actually slow in action and by effect of contact poison that is which kills the pests when they come in contact with it diatomaceous earth is the first in the list this white powder is easily available at many garden stores and even online it is completely harmless to humans and pets then the next one is borax similar to diatomaceous earth borax is derived from boric acid and rice the millipedes out and kills them it also acts as a stomach poison which will kill millipedes if ingested it is completely safe to humans just sprinkle the boric acid over the areas of infestation and do not water it for at least 24 hours you can watch detailed video on boric

acid or the borax powder and its various benefits in your gun from a link at end screen this video and also in the description below then finally would ash the action is similar to borax powder which dries out of the soil and the pests I have a detailed video on the benefits of wood ash and gardening I check that all the related videos in the description below so there you have it folks please like and share this video if you found it helpful also comment below with your thoughts and queries consider subscribing if you're new to the channel happy gardening