03 December 2018

Our Dog Ran away on Thanksgiving Day!!!!

Our Dog Ran away on Thanksgiving Day with Ryan's Family Review! Grandparents came over to visit and we also had fun playing games and watching yummy ...

Alex Kate okay yes she went over the

fence oh no we gotta hurry Ryan how are we gonna get Ella you guys see Ella's right there she won't come back inside [Music] who are you there's Ryan's giving and there's daddy they're eating some skittles only give them a little bit you guys ready to open the door to start our Thanksgiving Day [Music] Ryan I have a question for you very important what do you think before Oh what do you thankful for I'm thankful for my wife yes my cake important question what do you think before you think before for your fans thankful for you being here you were my firstborn so I don't think before you girls to thank you for for being in my life I love you have you guys ever tried this snack here and monkey loves this this one okay let me show you guys let me thank you let me show you guys what's inside okay so this is a snack Emma's eating is it yummy yeah Ryan's eating fewer than yummy is it yummy yeah you guys ready to start Thanksgiving [Music] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Music] oh my gosh I went to buy some food for breakfast who made a mess Emma made a mess my cage Wow guys I was gone for like 30 minutes what'd you guys do there's markers on the floor there's play-doh on the floor there's Legos on the floor you weren't part of it you're gonna help clean up yeah okay girls we gotta clean all this mess up okay so we are distracting them with coloring yeah they're gonna okay they're gonna color paw Patrol never mind they got distracted with our cats are cats here yeah oh hello mr. scratchy be nice to mr. scratchy okay and sometime you guys can be a little rough I know you guys love him but be nice okay now they're gonna help lead us to thank you we're gonna help clean up okay good job you too Emma you help clean up too please thank you they go over there perfect good job girls and then we put play-doh in here all right mines here to help us to a little bit cleaner now who finally huh

Thank You girls oh grandma you okay that's so cute who's that okay it must just chasing the cat ah she said I love you be nice to the cat okay now we're just hanging out outside there's jumping on the sofa grandma's cooking our Thanksgiving dinner we have to say thank you to Grandma okay Happy Thanksgiving I love this is it cold outside I don't know I'm scared I'm scared yeah oh my gosh this is look at nice one here it's ispired it's freezing daddy's cleaning the outside furniture so we can see it outside yeah you finally get to use it yeah first time it been raining so much it had been pretty cold and chilly so daddy's just cleaning so we can finally eat outside for the first time call it thank you giving thank you giving oh is it ko ko yeah it's a grandma's cooking we got mashed potatoes cranberry sauce cooking ham yeah you have you hot whoo we got some vegetable chicken very cool you hungry Emma yes okay so Emma Kate went to take a quick nap and now Ryan has to read book has he spend about 20 30 minutes a day reading book what are you reading today Oh stink

and a midnight zombie wall that's cool right saving his spot good that piece of napkin we need to buy you a book mark huh okay Bryan but how was the book so far is it good would you recommend people reading the book yes it was a lot of zombies is it real zombies or figs office there's like a party where there's all these make it super hyper and I give them so much stuff to eat oh that sounds fun what do you wanna do now am i Kate to sleep so we can party in the house a little bit this has been Ryan's favorite game you employment almost every night so you start out with 10 lives and once you go to zero you lose and how do you lose life well you can attack yeah so these swords mean attack so here I had its attack try with two points shoot you cute no lightning you get to go one more turn but two lightning so I can go to more cane for those seven damage to whom I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead we're Toho whoa Ryan had let's see seven Ryan had seven and then daddy deal seven damaged so he's at zero didn't dun dun whoa so now they're playing thanks you guys made a big mess in here mommy put it all nice and stuff earlier that's a

submarine yeah you're right that's Ryan in a submarine I like the spaceship 100 in red panda combo Panda and when there's a combo sushi those are called Ryan's jelly that's different because there's if you look here there's jelly inside this is a fry one this one's a jellied one to see there's jelly inside then what controls my favorite looks so cute okay this is Ryan's astronaut right yeah you want to race put him in here right Ryan Ella skates okay yes she went over the fence oh no we gotta hurry Ryan how are we gonna get Ella you guys see Ella's right there she won't come back inside Ella yeah well I was safe so yay but you could talk a lot yeah we found Ella yeah that was a close one Ella you have to be careful now we're outside it's ready for lunch last dinner are you ready to eat yeah all right want to put food out here outside we can look at the view Brian throw throw the shark into the pool see how far he can throw it okay I can do that too are you ready oh no you're gonna rescue the shark okay I'll rescue you shark you're okay oh there

you go Emma's eating ham is it is it good one more yeah this is our food that grandma made I didn't help at all so thank you is it good hams good did you say thank you grandma Thanksgiving dinner and this is my favorite I love cranberry sauce yeah now they've done with their dinner they're just coloring you coloring cake coloring too I like you like what color is that good job yellow and purple so you can change different colors huh what kind of you have purple and blue kya and Ryan's just riding around on the bike now okay Ryan's now finishing his last bite of ham how is it good well Ryan's coloring to what your coloring yes Wow Ryan's coloring a little mermaid that's so pretty Ryan I like it good job buddy [Applause] that's pretty good I love it right in color all by himself a little mermaid with the crab yeah good job buddy high five yeah now grandpa and Rhines playing chess you think you beat grandpa Ryan you think so we're doing your defend right now you're defending them oh I'm offended oh they're still

playing uh-uh grandma's gonna win oh yeah just check you're dead oh yeah you did how does not take maybe about [Laughter] grandpa beat you Ryan whoa grandpa challenge daddy grandpa says so Ryan lost grandpa no it is the big boys turn to play right play and they will come back to see who won good luck daddy whoa that's so cool it's glowing I like it Tinker Bell yeah daddy yeah Ryan's learning to play chess oh good job Ryan yeah and then Ryan been practicing spelling so you want to spell some words all right daddy give him some words Wow what about the word literally good job Wow why I'm very proud of you Ryan yeah maybe this year you should join the spelling bee okay okay guys we're gonna in today's video thank you so much for watching we hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you guys go out shopping good luck Miami was hit by K have a family destiny don't forget to subscribe for more videos [Music]