02 November 2019

Our Generation Pet Care Playset

In this video I will be showing you the our generation pet care playset. I will show you all the items you get in the set. I will tell you what I liked and which one was ...

welcome back to my channel and my name

is Hannah and also I've got a dog set and it's called pet hair playset and I'm gonna be opening this up so this is the odd this is from the odd generations and it's called and a pet care playset and I'm gonna be opening this stuff these all of these stuff and as you can see from the last video it king of the curtain be hmm this dog burrowing and and this like I don't know what to call it but as I can toy and it comes another needs and um that's all I can say and it comes with this ribbon and beds which I really like because I've always wanted a bed and with a dog and then it comes to the food and that's what I like as well some dog food and now let's open it and and I'll tell you what the supper so here's a cast iron dish holder and I like it how it comes of dog food it can come out the dish holder and also the water can the water I like about it because it has this plastic and I never have to fill up it doesn't come out or anything and also I like how it's kind of like a yellowish like water also there's dog food this either can't come out and I like how it has these dog bones and love hearts and it has these dog food like biscuits and

here's the dog dish holder and I like it out has these like curved hops on the sides now let's move on to the bed I like this bed the piers it's gray and it's all fluffy grey and also I like about at the back because it's red and it has black and and black dog paws or you can call it cat paws as well and then this is what it looks like this isn't really feel furry this the inside feels nice and fair with maybe for Christmas they could have it and this is so lovely that she has um like this news paper and it's so lovely because I've never came of an our generation doll it has this new and she can read only she takes our dog out and that's really nice this is a dog brush and I like how it has the pause here and I'm one big poor in the middle and it's very like feels very nice it's just so nice guys here we have a dog King and they like about this so so cute that has a little dog poor there how cute is that guy and okay in them they can get it the dog can get it back again then here we have an a dog like this dog squishy thing you can make sound effects for them here it is really squishy here we have this like dog bone and I like it because it has like the

reflection like a real boner I have very much fun wearing it in the garden then here we have the ball and I like it because it's red and also it matches this and it matches the dog bed and I like it because they're both red but this different thing about it is because these aren't black so it's like Frede and out the bits like the dog poor and the bone is like sticking out and I like it because it has like a line in the middle and then he'll should have a lot of fun just a lead when she can take her dog out Malia and I it has a dog place where they can put their name and I like it because it has a low day our generation logo and you can hold it here and take the dog out for a walk and also I like about excluding us rip us apart and then put a snake in close it again and then you have your thing and you and I like it because you don't have to just take out just has a four line you just pull it out and push it back in again here's an I named him JJ okay I liked it enough you know they're enjoying playing with them and Jojo is very cute and I love him actually the

place that I liked about it because some stuff were the same of last time when I done my videos and and I liked about the brush because I had to pour on it and that was the key thing about it and also it came with a dog and like a dog dish and that's what I like about it and they can come out and also its bed what I liked about it as well and also the border in match event that's what I liked about my favorite thing with it and food because they can come out and just sort them back in again and yeah so hope you like my video guys good bye guys and hope you like my video like and subscribe and peace out