07 June 2017

Overwatch Vlog #1 - Animal Control Services

Jaynein & Ain help winston with his insomnia.

let's just get a target and take a

target price ticket based on their name [Laughter] [Music] bonus points if we managed to make that quick but how are we gonna know who made him quit it's a joint effort it is not it must be not a competition just keep tally and like that be our best okay do we do we do we purposely its put some fear into thinking about we can't firmly sequence that he's too big guy visualize finally we have to be sneaky about let's go to the left side I'm crouching it got weak and very mucky yeah that's that how do I look do you see anyone Oh stupid oh oh coincidentally Winston is fear it's the jump rather where you can't do anything I'm gonna sneak this week yeah thank you anything someone okay I froze the frozen monkey but the died I'm being a prayer good to know it's not privacy when you people keep doing it where's that much tell me oh there's a ninja going after you yeah there is yeah Marty you go no it

may freezes me look I'm I don't read any [Laughter] it's like asking involves houses igniters brand excuse me ah respect that's fun all I said I do we have a feather yes they have a fella heads off my father oh they left well [Music] you think the sugars got a badness for doing that no I don't think so they should commend us we were like doing a very humane way of really really good anyway we're not skinny