02 November 2017

P.O.T.S. episode after guy distracts my service dog at the store (10/8/17)

when going down a crowd isle at our local grocery store it isn't undone for people to try pet my service dog but what they don't see is the damage and potential ...

cup of mine

[Music] I was going through the evil and everything chair I'm not even sure why my mobility guy was there because I was a PG appointment for it I told him I want side guards which closing guard side cards I've heard those things several people in my family including me think this borderline fraud I told the guy you know I I want ya clothes and guard side guards whatever you call him and he's like oh well they're on the Armas I'm like I don't want armrests I don't need them they get in my way he's like no no oh they come off anyway I'm like no I want clothing guards he winds up ordering them much I'm not even sure where they are at this point to show you because they came off a I got this chair they actually ate in like two inches total on my chair basically maybe chair to the point it didn't fit me caused all kinds of problem so I had to check it him off and it's like okay knowingly ordered a piece that was just gonna be taken off it wasn't what I requested it wasn't what it was supposed to be just to me that seems like you know pretty close to insurance fraud smart person that's how he treats me my

coffee is brewing mom actually put the water in it for me I don't have the clothing guards guards I asked for them and basically my DME who is there at the time seating clinic that I went to to get the chair though argued it's a oh well there on your armrest and I'm like I have not used arm rests and a long time my first cuss custom chair I actually could not get around very much in horrible though the seat in the back were accustomed to me it was really designed for someone who was a full assist it was miserable it destroyed my shoulders so basically we started just taking pieces off when we knew who is gonna be getting that chair our new chair to figure out what I needed we took the footrest off that chair and that actually allowed me to do a lot of people take for granted I was in a chair that fits so horribly that I couldn't do and so you know simple things I didn't know I needed I didn't get because I think a lot of the problem I have I still have was my DME is I am NOT paralyzed I am NOT you know someone that they would consider in a rigid type chair therefore you know they tend to see me as less independent

I don't even know the words but so they try to argue with me you know thinking that you know they know better what I need which of course you know I've done the research I've seen what equipment is out there and of course I'm the one that lives in the wheelchair so it's upsetting when you have a DME durable medical equipment supplier telling you oh well this is what you need or what's really upsetting is when he's like well your insurance isn't going to cover that and it's like I have two insurances and my mother has actually told me if insurance doesn't cover it I will pay for it she all my mom wants is me to be in the chair that I need that is best for my body that allows the most independence I mean simple thing right yeah it just we've been fighting for so long it just it's insane when this chair was ordered she had actually set up a deal because my current PC believes that I need a rigid due to several factors so she had called and talked to the supplier my DME and she was gonna pay the difference to upgrade from a folding chair to a rigid chair and it all set up for whatever reason they did not they told her

everything was good I had I did I had a horrible feeling that something was kind of go wrong when they delivered the chair it was folding and it just it wasn't good so less than a year later they basically one of my doctors took me off pain meds that I desperately needed what I went way up high I gained weight now this chair doesn't even fit me correctly so on top of all the other problems it's they're all being exacerbated ah it's it's really frustrating so I don't know mom talked about trying to see if we could get an a chair ordered because it I mean I had been stable weight-wise for years these are completely stable or losing weight which was great but now it's gonna take me who knows how many years to get the mass I'm a hot wait that that the doctor cost me too I mean unfortunately do matters that I couldn't even control I wound up gaining a large amount of weight I mean I can actually feel the sides of my chair digging in causing pressure points that's not something that can be controlled unfortunately by just a changing cushion or something so I don't know I've got to talk to my PT um this

next week and see for a couple weeks and see what he thinks I wouldn't normally be due for a new power chair this year but I don't know I've been wanting to work toward more independence less power chair usage I don't know but yeah I'm sorry that this trying to do a little bit more of a rant told you the Junos bipolar stickers I don't know if stickers which one should I do [Music] ah sweet I love I'm sticker obsessed I don't know why people leave those unplugged but it's like a massive peppy I have literally had them die on me in the middle of the store I hate it when it happens and it's gotten to the point mom knows it it drives me saying I like it get really angry but at least I'm documenting it it's time I see my doctor so headed my van is literally like guy came by and started doing that you know I don't even know what you call that it wasn't kissing noises but it was

irritating training basically deliberately distracting my dog noises a few seconds after that was when I started not feeling good got really lightheaded it actually escalated into basically a full box episode where it's burning up really feeling well I'm putting a pushchair for a little bit because I'm worse all right okay I carry salty stuff in my bag basically aboard today to that the episodes and the blackout's from them it's just like luckily this time I didn't black out I don't know how many more times I could put you know do not pet do you know the strap on her vest people just number one they don't seem to care but especially in France on air where so many people bring their pets in because and I'm sorry that the toy is doing weird things on my face guys but in a store that basically ignores stores it ignores basically eighty-eight law and several health codes they don't they don't really care whether it's a pet or a service dog though I don't come in I mean we've had dogs tearing now

we're trying to turn their way out of fabric kennels we've had dogs just go full-on aggression or aggressive at us that were dressed as service dogs but anyone that knows service dog wah knows that a service dog cannot be aggressive one of our friends that works here that's a manager has actually had a service dog snap at him and I actually pointed out the fact that you know if it doesn't matter if it's a service dog or not if it you know defecates causes a ruckus or you know shows aggression anyway the dog defecates causes a ruckus you know barks when it's not alerting for help say you know somebody's fallen and needs help or shows aggression the dog can be asked to leave with you allowing had so many problems in that story he really does 99% of the time he get ready to go to that store and my stress level goes up five points so in practice what was that last incident some month ago it would have been close in my power chair basically they refused to do anything and accuse me of threatening them or giving them an ad a card just because of a dog that they had already asked me two questions and so they said that they

couldn't do anything acted very aggressively toward us and it was just like guys you know these are the laws it just so they basically told us to call the police if we still felt threatened it's like okay number one it would be animal control not the police it went into a dog day I don't know mom saw it but we didn't have an issue with it I did kind of my anxiety went out I instinctively moved he to the other side just to prevent issues so I don't know I mean who knows maybe it was actually a sir I was talk but I'm basically extra skeptical in that store now because of all the issues you