13 March 2019


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welcome so this is like I jerry-rigged

never thought I would name Jerry um video I'm talking propelled by Southwest it was basically happiness for South by Southwest all right next weekend and then PAX East I figured this one's the most or the most interesting a video to film and it's what we pack can you guess for who so I feel like I was having to convince him with me he's been doing them for quite a while esta mangos basically literally were thinking about parties this weekend though she is going to parties with me I don't have any friends going so I mean I do have friends going I donated person to kind of stay with me and hang out with me and like keep an eye on me in case anything happened to get that buck out or have an episode or need help in any way safer for himself not for they do let's go cuz a lot of it just came in we got her new equipment thanks to you guys for her birthday we're gonna start with her a travel a gear boots up with the best best doesn't coming into tomorrow so but a pink with patches and and stuff I don't I mean you'll see photos you see it in the vlog there's nothing Bethel doesn't fancy not

customized anything but pretend like I this all up like they're really cute best oh so cutest pink pink the pie is most of itself is gonna be pink oh my god hi you want a mop he's my dog it's fine enough birthing new bow ooh now that I'm going to see you and her new get it to do it's the same thing in Leslie's good when released it sounds actually you've hooked a dog very compelling brand-new technology but I had this pretty sorry I don't like her having muscly so this is her regular Lisa numero dos check on it this is her number one teen tang-see sorry I just want to be able to grab her however the close to me impossible she doesn't need at least I feel like I'm sorry it's also it less intimidating I don't know when I don't - it'd be like yeah okay this in my mindset when you see a dog that has a very sore at least it's not intimidating the hands feel a stick it was a standing pack I also do you these telekinetic depending on what it way and if I made a jacket convincing by the way I know if I mispronounce it but all those things in the betterment so y'all don't know and I'm just flaw in my warrant than me lady but if I really

can't so you won't say sit about it so that if I wait attack it all worthy I can put it I have put bags with help of things in here business cards and then my tenth unit can go in here because it made for things are we gonna put your phone in instead of the socket for your paws but really the the coins for my tenth unit can come out and let's put it on it's not speaking backwards you can't see it at all so that was pointless but you understand that I put in the effort to do it we also have a cute little booties now you might be going how about you're going to Austin you live in Houston why she needs all booties because downtown anywhere is disgusting okay her little feet all the nasty othe ground okay all the streets and they commenced in okay I don't want those little feet getting into bed with me at night okay it's sanitary it's better I like it you can walk these boom pow pow walk and walk back so this is also an Amazon best I got a good season because I was gonna custom cover it and I did I'm dead it's a cute little mixer service dog bath via ah

that's her little mixer Hannah Hannah Hannah Hannah Tina Thomas runner camp in a tie there's this hella cute and it just it this little and then we also have a blue no hands lease out of the wall to master mixer vest oh this one's monkey both not like literally wonky it's like I don't know who heard it and then it also came with a blue a blue blue all right everyday you I throw things I noticed that it's fine also when I get drunk I spill drinks on me chick because I think it looks hot and then I get really mad cuz I'm cold and wet okay then we were so rudely interrupted by my dog doing her job we are back so it's gonna be a little bit Restless you don't like it when I are normal things that we take with us all right I think you wanna help me with this oh my goodness trees oh my god treats I can say my artist sometimes these are look for certain medians if we're out things need something to pop it down it'll take her 15 minutes you still you know give us a way to do we have our edible Nylabone I don't know what they're really called

but see like these people of these in fact I neither good for long meetings or let's if you were in the mixer lines or something it wants to tell I'm telling you something to do see like them so a little training treat I really don't use treats to train see just you know good things now lastly on her own next up and don't move okay we have a flexi before you dum-dum I thought you said you personally to be flexi trained and your dog needs to be flexi trained before using this this is equipment if not just or no melis exactly I don't think you know how we do this is because we're normally in cities if we go to a park I can't let her off lease she wants to run I'm lazy AF I'm listen I get three hours of sleep a convincing if I'm lucky um I want to stand my ass still I want her to run and play and be happy and the happy medium mocha fags has multiple peg less problems the next two are the most important okay and you're like what most important what do you mean Sampo and we have avoid a convincing we're gonna be gone six days okay every other day she's getting a bath because those dogs have to be clean

they have to okay point-blank plus these getting into so many storms and all the icky wiki not good growth growth it we e all over her I don't want that on me because gonna see does I have just like me mad with me but if she's doing deep as a therapy she's laying on me she's testing me if I'm having an episode see the on me yeah I don't want the nasty nasty on me either so we bathed her because he also be doing two we also amazing every single day could commence and make you smell going on with that it's a no good spray because dogs deserve to smell good and people smell at conventions and we don't like that this smells like fruit punch cleaner yeah but I don't have physically on me but are in honestly quality of the next room but I'm chilly the data would be a blanket so C is spot range so when I tell her it's a kennel it means go to that spot one way on an airplane I put that down in the airport that's the spots he doesn't leave us he doesn't wanna leave it there homes he's safe maybe we throw the same saying convincin same thing the floors were like dirty you don't really want her to sit on the

ground and up and Anna Freud ear so we pop a baby in her ear like a little bubbles go she looks so cute you're like oh the purple dog but really it's protect your ears come instantly me loud they don't really bother her but when we go to movies when we go to concerts her you know we want projector ears we hope you enjoyed this video or at least on an engine steam I don't know I know that's quite a few service dog teams not go to conventions Comic Cons all the fun stuff so hopefully hopefully you pick sums it up or thought it was cool I don't know I decided to do it so we did it eat that's yeah okay ready dab on them haters she's like oh my god don't ever do that again you're not cool so have a date what