05 December 2018


a chill vlog where i annoy my sister and go on the paddle board with daisy follow me on instagram: _andrewdonoghue thank you for watching! subribe if u want ...


good morning it's 4:00 to 6:00 so slept a good 12 hours which is good I guess so I just woke up I was scrolling through Instagram and I see the new H&M collection with mas mas mas keen mas mas Chino and it's so safe really cool design so today I'm just gonna edit the vlogs stop practicing my ex but yeah because stress really this year skinny times why it's completely flags yeah with Daisy you can see me from the bay window God Daisy no okay well do you not being in that so my dad just said that this everywhere in the sea you can't go there because they were doing building work and then the pipes broke and then the bar but it's just so and now I'm like in my flip-flops already and everything let's see two months in spend two months been yeah I'm going to the CTC I want to go in DC now oh yes I don't smell any sewage so far it's just stunning kidding me no sewage whatsoever the beach is actually so nice like you look at this flood wanted to get into me like I'm going right now to go get myself oh and here's my dad so they seem to finish the heavy work we drain well hi

Oh Daisy four days come on let's go back get the puzzle board let's go back and get it let's go back yeah it smells more sewage of my god okay now close it keep Daisy outside yes Daisy yes Daisy it's just you and I now are you hey it's just Daisy and I come on through here go okay so I'm gonna have to hide my phone now let's hope that no one takes that I'm gonna hide in this place I think I'll be okay that was so nice you just get an immense feeling of calmness when you're out there it's just you also get a different perspective on the world it's really quite amazing Daisy had a good time she was super good super calm she had some issues getting off though had to just like push her off in the end it's such a nice evening unreal and then my sister just turned up and she kept taking videos of me on it but it's not focusing that's good does keep my banishes banishes it's just the nicest thing in the world I'm gonna start editing video diaries I've just been on my computer for a while I'm gonna eat lovely meaning it's

nice to be able to eat at night really enjoy that's my fave [Music] what do you say me language mothers tutorial after that there's like ESS because tomorrow's Friday there's after that there's I don't have Matt's at some point today at English last lesson economics I don't do anything just good [Music] so tutorial yes yeah no art no Spanish okay I know Oh three laps lesson oh so it's I can go home early yeah and then we wait for the security man to come out from like the primary building then we go down at 3:30 a.m. very go hmm so I'll pick you up at 3:00 [Music]