06 November 2018

Panda Lu Baby Bear Care - Fun Animal Care Game for Kids by Tuto TOONS

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panda Lu bear care come back every day

and get more coins take care of little lu lu is hungry it is not perfect play more and get bored throw babies blue is hungry [Music] who is still hungry who is hungry he's not eating without a toy [Music] [Music] he is food is not for babies take care of little vous dress-up baby Lu [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow it looks great how cute [Music] cool fabulous take care of little Bobby please shower time much better watch out here please good job who is clean now for you it's time to be blue Oh throw it away [Music] [Music] rush hour please play more and get more trophies now for you it's adorable [Music] now for you it's time to turn it on [Music] mama pandas not happy Oh brush your hair

please a job Lou is clean now tears of diamonds for you take care of little Lou [Music] rock n roll she's still awake she's still awake turn it on good night baby [Music] [Music] warm milk good night baby Lou play more and get more trophies [Music] blue is ski