09 January 2019

Panda Lu Baby Bear City - Pet Babysitting & Care - Kids Learn & Play Care with Sweet Panda

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cantaloupe baby bear City dress it baby

Lu goodnight baby Lu [Music] [Music] [Music] still awake I'll baby Leo to do some shopping take three great few carrots [Music] three candies one orange juice and one record you're awesome and all place items on the bounce you're doing great don't forget the tomatoes [Music] thank you [Music] fell asleep very beautiful baby live [Music] hmm help me be lewd to make coffee first put in the coffee beads great now add some coconut milk [Music] can you fill the water tank basic good job now spray some whipped cream [Music] [Applause] [Music] hmm add some toppings looks like coffee made are jumpy [Music] [Music] pay for the ice tree make the most

delicious ice cream for baby Lou and [Music] [Music] [Applause] let's clean this mess together throw it away [Music] apply some cleaner great now brush it poor Sabath oh one more please oh great now fill it with water wipe the foam away great now fill it with water [Music] you [Music] let's decorate this slide [Music] Oh what nice color super lovely [Music] looks great [Music] like I did good job now go hi my god play are they now go again play do you see them good job one more time to play great one lap time play are they human baby Lou I [Music] my dad to start the castle please let's go faster not hands now thank you