08 September 2019

Part 1 dog walk adventure

hey guys back with new video today now

we're in this place where is the coach of on Linda's you're walking the dog today I'm gonna have fun see it steady yeah let's have some fun so subscribe like this video and tell your notification better so you know and all our new videos are coming out no no it's so lost first every time we came here was it sky so the last time we came here we did fortnight the other time we think here it was what's that movie siobhan right what we did last time [Music] yeah we did your man GM Ford not here yeah and so what do we do this time cuz I chose so first true one choice then I chose so now let's see what our cheeses it cannot be fortnight Oh Jumanji apex Legends teddy drop Sivan gonna do apex legends it's a gun game what Recep look there he goes he's gonna fry again well no fuss because now we're doing apex lagers we love it done for - [Music] there's a spider so yeah we're in a game I just went into a game of squirt so Teddy has the ball of shield if he doesn't have in his mouth we're unprotected but so far we are now

protected and let's choose our skins I'm a robot soon you can be yeah so we have you can be like an an army you can be an army girl oh my girl battle past a 100 apex Legends robot robot with I have all the skin that I am the secrets can I find all the things and I can upgrade my things nice you look for I don't know why you're looking for I'm looking for robot heads that's in the game that's not now then guys when we cope and then get back home I'm gonna upload oh my videos be people on us bears when I did hi my sniper someone was hiding in the bushes you probably didn't see but it's true and when we get to the gay we have to choose it then we have to choose a dance from the new fortnight season X the best for tonight ever you didn't know it's the best for so good guys rather gay we have to do it new for tonight season 10 Dawn's sous-chef on uke watch here you can do one that's not seasoned that's not season 10 do that again please and then my one my one my one guy that counts yeah that counts so we have just pause this sea crook and this is Ted come on for many that we unprotected and now

we're going up the secret passageway no one knows so we come when they get back so we can the perfect the winner I'm all good season two glider that is scary he'd read the Buddhist then he should go some nineties yeah and he brought he tried to protect us literally someone's night cuz he dropped the ball and then he could and that's a secret bad bad place where is bad so he casts good girl and boy and talk to him there is a girl okay hey love dog girls but he doesn't have boys cuz she gets in so you know about any knocks them out yeah yeah someone's coming someone's coming I don't have a shotgun yoni of yeah thanks for the shotgun headshot and I saw you you are did you know my new should go to Spain or another country you can get it I've lost him so I'm on my way to get fun have fun doing here oh jeez gone not he got knocked 6 7 8 9 10 11 this is 14 14 we just got headshot ha ji-won knocks [Music] yeah ok it oh jeez here no we're fine

he's it okay I'm gonna count 1 2 3 13 14 15 you can see