09 September 2019

Part 2 of Dog Training

Dog walking with #Gone_Bazerk.

hello ladies and gentlemen and we're

back with another video I'm sorry I've been posting very much because I've been busy so um today guess what we're doing sick training my dog cookie sit so um yeah today I will be showing you to a short tutorial on how to train your dog how to sit and some other tricks tips and tricks for teaching a dog how to do tricks so um yeah pretty much I'll be showing you a few things like babysit having your dog sit and I wanted to give a shout out to nan GE X on YouTube capitalized letters a ninja and I meant lowercase letters to ninja and um capitalized letter DX and um he has very good YouTube channel go ahead and subscribe to him like his videos please and um I hope you guys like this video so first of all the first trick I'm going to be teaching you guys how to do is credibly just teaching you guys how to sit so pretty much what I did for my dog are you looking at pretty much what I did for my dog was I just so what I did was I um said kept saying sit and then every single time I kept saying sit I just push down on her like back side and then and then I say sit and then I give her a treat is that she knows that

that's what she needs to do next time when I say sit so she will recognize the word sit so the next trick I wanted to show you was on oh I have some pretty advanced tricks for you guys to try but your dogs might get off the leash so next trick it's a lying down my daughter might not want to lie down because I mean like it's concrete it's gonna hurt so I'll try to get her to lie down it's probably gonna be a fail but so I'll try right now Tukey leiden cookie lie down good yeah she used a little I done trying to get your dog to stay in one area versus maybe hard for my dog because she knows I'm treats with me and she does not like to stay in one area so what I do for this trick as I say stake and then and then I put my hand up to stop her from moving and then I said if she doesn't move sit as soon as she doesn't move all give her a treat and then she knows the next time when I say stay she'll stay sit oh yeah my dogs go check out dogs very beautiful dog so sit cookie sit so I'll show you the trick right now stay cookie stay and then once I'm done I'll say okay so yeah so what you do honestly what I do change

[Music] which I use it hole right here and then I grab her next to me like this so I she just learned this yesterday that's how I got my idea from the video so you so I guess you watch stay cookie cookie so once again let me get it lined up so stake with you right there I'm right here and honestly if we're just gonna go for it