08 October 2019

Participatory Documentary - Service Dog Roommate

when did you get I got her when she was

eight months or eight weeks old which was the middle of March and then sent her off to service training and then I just got her back yesterday so she's been the good so far but she hasn't ruined anything yet no no so she's a service dog for PTSD and so I've been robbed at gunpoint a couple times and it's just made just like in general pretty unsettling for me and so it's hard for me almost impossible for me to go anywhere at night or by myself and so this having Luna allows me to resume my normal daily activities so she does offer comfort and protection yes what ways does she like what has she been trained to do so here I can show you one of the things that so if I'm in a situation where I'm really anxious and I need to leave she's trained - I got my foot and she'll come like not your hat on me so that I can say to people you know hey my dog has to go out and I can remove myself from the situation without having to say like I have anxiety I have to leave yeah you know um so hey Lina do you want to get down on the ground first come on come on come on big girl okay thank you good girl so just with making sure that

she if I asked her to sit she holds it until I say yeah so just her release word yes and she's also learned she like if somebody if I can know someone's coming over to the house I'll put her I say please and that's to her dog bed it's in the living room and so people can come in and leave and what Matt and she knows not to get up off of that dog bed mm-hm so so he's just been trying to work with her consistency making sure she called sings for longer durations yeah just cuz she is about being she has so much energy all the time cuz she's a German Shepherd so just trying an Anders back to making sure I get enough exercise how's it going up Jasmine oh absolutely because you just got back from training yes oh yes yes fronting and Luna whoops one more fail in the last one Luna oh good job back good girl perfect yes so that's for if I'm in a situation where like let's say like you threaten me you know I feel threatened by you I can say Luna front and then she stands in front of me creating a barrier but barrier between the two of us likewise if I'm like at the grocery store or something

and like the guy behind me really like makes me uneasy or whatever for a reason I can tell her Luna back and then she stands behind me and creates a barrier which barrier between the guy and I gotcha so and then Center is just kind of like if I'm feeling uncomfortable I feel like the person like someone approaching is a threat and I'm not necessarily in a position where I can just leave the situation then I say loo Luna Center and it's really just like a comforting thing I mean just so I know that she's right there yeah because she's also been taught to know what it smells like when like anxiety and stress sweat smells like so they they put it on a q-tip and then they put it in her nose and then they do different kinds of training with her with that so she knows like when she smells that on me to be on alert and to like stay right by me um and if we're in a situation where she's such a good phone um and if we're in a situation where like I have a leash on her and I pull it police she knows the bark and so this is used for like if I take her out to eat or like out to the library or like any public place that she needs

public access this way she's like tucked away and totally away from everybody yeah she's not way of you know like the food or whatever's going out of the restaurant but she's still yes oh good girl yes yes