19 April 2019

Paw Patrol Pup Rubble Travels In Puppy Dog Pals Pet Crate For A Groom Wash 1

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I hate everyone welcome back to awesome

orchids today I'm super excited to be hanging out with one of my puppy dog friends hi rubble hi everyone how are ya good good what's up I just came back from the construction site I love to dig it and now I'm off to space birthday party mmm that sounds like fun yeah we'll be let's roll wait rebel don't you think you should wash up before you head to the party wash up why because you're covered in dirt from the construction site but dirt is awesome not everyone shares your enthusiasm for dirt weird why don't we give you a bath and get you cleaned up ah okay fine this actually feels pretty nice let me give you a Ritz and then I'll wash it with soap see smell good [Music] don't forget behind my ears I'm on it now I'll give you a final rinse and then dry you [Music] good job rebel you smell much better now yeah can we go now not just yet let me give you a little trim so you're the most handsome pup at the party I do like the sound of that

time for a quick Bush [Music] and I noticed your nails are pretty long let's get them now you're all done let's head to the party finally let's go hi everyone look who's here hi guys and happy birthday sky ah Thank You rubble you can just in time for the cake alright everyone let's sing happy birthday thanks everyone come on guys that was great should we open presents now yeah I can't wait to show you what I got you little guys all of my favorites thank you Heys guys do you want me to help you open them yes please the first toy she got is a doc McStuffins pet rescue bag inside is two characters on the back you can see the options [Music] [Music] the first one we got is Hallie she's a sweet and sassy purple hippo and a candy stripe nurse's outfit she loves to help doc with her patients on the clinic and the toy hospital here's Oliver he's a puppy patient of the Ducks he's white with brown spots don't worry Oliver Hallie will take good

care of you until the doc gets here check out this Harry Potter Lego minifigure this is from the movie the fantastic piece which character are you guys hoping for let's pull out all the pieces and then put it together [Music] we had Dean Thomas he's a half-blood wizard and a student at Hogwarts he was in Gryffindor the same years Harry Potter go let me know in the comments for your favorite character from that movie is next up is a little as PET SHOP surprise box from series 2 we'll get a pet a house for them and a keychain [Music] oh it looks like a mushroom house we need a key to open it I bet it's in here [Music] there we go now we can open the house in here's where we'll put our little pet we get a bug of some sort with super cute let's catch the keychain on now you can put on your backpack or your keys the last toys of squishy surprise character inside is a slow rising foam toy let's open it I Spy something yellow oh it's a goldfish how cute no matter how hard you squish these they always bounce back it's really stressful

leaving infants play with [Music] what a great birthday sky had and this was a lot of fun I hope you guys enjoyed this video hit that like button if you den and don't forget to subscribe to see more thanks [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]