07 October 2019

PCAS Animals For Adoption 9.27.19

Pasco County Animal Services has a bunch of adorable dogs and cats up for adoption! These pets are available as of 9.27.2019. Please consider helping these ...


hi my name is Rachel I'm the education and outreach coordinator here at Pasco County Animal Services not hanging out with kili kili is a very pretty five year old pup who is a little bit shy to start but she loves to give kisses as I found out today I'm she was super sweet and she's been here over a hundred days she does keep getting kind of passed over in her kennel but she's absolutely the sweetest pup loves to be scratched on she even got a little bit of the melt he's going on here with a big scratch on the side if you are interested in meeting Keeley she's looking for a home with no other pup she'd prefer to be an only child is that okay with you me and maybe I know I know but if you are interested in meeting here we'd be happy to help you meet her and she'd be happy to give you lots of kisses as you can tell yes I know thanks so much them all so if you'd like to make a leap on Kandra Pasco County Animal Services and she'll be your next big cuddle bug won't you sweetheart some hangout with Wyatt Wyatt is about six years old he's actually been with us since June so he's another one of our longtime residents I will say one of the funny things about

Wyatt is one of his favorite things to do is literally just cuddle with his blankets while he's hanging out in this kennel you could almost always find him just cuddling looking for a cuddle buddy he does walk really well unleash like so much so that the volunteers are very very clear that he's a fantastic walk around this leash so even though he is a larger dog he is a super-sweet gently senior even on leash she would have a fantastic time spending time with drive interested in meeting Wyatt you can find our Pasco County Animal Services we'd be happy to help out with any meeting said especially if you'd love to meet mr. Wyatt you super come super laid back and very much looking for his forever home so I'm hanging out with Martha Martha it's a really cute if she's throw five years old she came to us as a stray back in tune and when she arrived has to tell you she was careless and now she's like this perfect little velvet hip pedal she's absolutely tiny and stocky and she's got a full coat of hair when she arrives she very much was missing a lot of it and over the last few months and a few

rounds of antibiotics and good treatment from our doctors she's managed to fully Berger most of her hair she's still got a little few spots to finish Berlin in but she's absolutely adorable the perfect little pocket-sized pup that you might want and we would love to help you meet her you can visit her at Pasco County Animal Services and if you're looking for a perfect midsize pup Martha's your girl something and I would say there was a very young puppy as she could tell it's about seven months old he is from her flavor participants he absolutely loves to hang out in playgroup he loves his friends if you have another pup you are the family for tank if you're looking for something young to help maybe fit in with a little bit of an older dog maybe just a little bit older than him maybe just to keep up with him tank is gonna be your pup he is a home with no cats than that he will fit in with just about anybody he just wants a friend whether that be human or another pup anybody just to be his bestie if you are interested adopt a tank please come and meet him here at Pasco County Animal Services he will most very much be

waiting for you yes I'm hanging out with Miss Piggy she's absolutely adorable super fun and despite her big size she's very bouncy she loves to hang out she's also a super huge pool fence if you have a pool at home she would love to swim in it if not kiddie pool words absolutely perfectly well for her you're interested in adopting this piggy you'll find a super happy super fluffy super excited girl that would love to meet you can find her at Pasco County Animal Services as she will very much be waiting for you would you mama [Music] some hanging out with taffy the ultra poor just have ecad tap he came to us as a stray and she was actually missing quite a bit of her hair she had a very severe dermatitis and through some work with our veterinarian she's actually doing much better she is still a little bit of spots in her so it's starting to grow in but she is very very gorgeous she's very sweet a little shy she's gonna take a little bit extra time to explore her new environments so definitely give her a little bit of time to decompress at home and some slow introductions when they have any other

family members as well if you are looking for a sweet somewhat middle-aged TT catch is only about five years old she'd be a fantastic fit for your household we'd love for you to come out and meet missed half eight she can sneeze on mushrooms some hanging out with Tanner Tanner is a very sweet young he's only a few years old young orange and white tabby he's super handsome he absolutely loves to greet - at the front of his cage could be a little shy exploring new areas he did come from an overwhelmed caregiver so he is just kind of getting used to us a little bit a little bit used to the shelter and he's very much enjoying himself while he's been here making new friends greeting everybody like I said in our adoption center we would love to help you meet Tanner he's actually curious the most adorable little bobtail at the end he actually doesn't have a full long tail and a really cool fact fun fact most orange cats are usually male cats it's actually on the rare side to have a female cat like I said a little boy he's very sweet he does seem to want to meet other cats as well some hanging out with a three

month old kitten named boysenberry and she's only like I said 'only about three months old she came to us as a kid and when she was still too young to really be surviving on her own so she has grown now she is already spayed she's ready to find her forever home if you are looking for a super playful kitten she's got a lot of spunk to her she does love to bat and play and do loads of kitten stuff so if you are looking for a super-fun kitten do please come down and meet boysenberry here at Pasco County Animal Services boysenberry is one of the many many available kitties that we do here have here at the shelter ages anywhere from two months all the way up to several years old so whatever age and whatever energy level you're looking for we can absolutely help you out [Music]