04 December 2018



I don't I need that person cuz they're

mine the Internet has done it the Internet has created a combination of my two favorite things in the world it's when people transform themselves into their dogs the first time I saw this was dope - one one one who actually did all those eyes and stuff she invented that trend the trippy double vision makeup she recently transformed herself into her dog she like wore a prosthetic and like the whole puffy like dog outfit and stuff but then I saw on Instagram a makeup artist named Alexis stone who does like celebrities like he makes himself into anybody and everybody and he turned himself into my dog Kermit if I was like all right if I wasn't sold when I watched someone else transform themselves into a dog now I'm sold I need to become Carmen I'm gonna really struggle with this because I'm not I don't know how to like paint I've tried twice in the past to do like actual artwork on my face and failed miserably it's not my forte that's like the whole comment section of this video you're bad lucky that I have like an artist template of like what to follow so I'm really gonna be following his video here

first things first let me get my hair on my face real professional like so for this video I really went all out we went to the art people store you know for people like me who are artists I'm an artist I got like face paint but they only have black and white so we got other ones to turn into gray step one I'm gonna take off my choker and yes you guessed it when I take it off my whole head will fall off so I realized when I watched back his video that the first thing that he like kind of does it's all in fast motion it's not a tutorial but he does glue his eyebrows down so we ready I know how to do that I did this before just a little bit everywhere so they're like the first second of the video there's so much happening all the way under the and down here and what something flashbacks of what we did that's before I don't have enough lip for this would you laugh at that something under here something under here something going like this something going like this some stuff going on around here don't tell me to stick it up there why is that there's no one here he's like way more teeth in here I can't fit

anymore what this like do I need to add water to this okay I mean bold wat air oh here we go weed I can do this I have to put this in my nose Julian it tickles I don't think this is right how did I up already yeah oh that look colored though Kylie Jenner is Kuwait gam oops oh not on my teeth I gotta mix the gray [Music] ice to make a perfect salmon gray cuz this oh this feels so nice he has this like an outline around his eye that he did does like a lot of shows yeah no I think that's where he like stops why is it drying like sort of blue Kermit's like later than this okay so my whole I sick got it all right what what are you lactose white as it bizarre it's natural and normal you ready for the eyes whoa no no no we start going down onto the neck which he's already drawn lines on I'm gonna need like a whole last shower after this my two gray very concerned about this color there's so much darker than Kermie I don't know what's going on I know I did a little like here in here

but then he does a lot of it was like shadow after oh my gosh sorry a mess Julian please the hell oh yeah yeah I had to cough and I can't move my lips oh my god what if I get thirsty just clean like white wines how do I do that it's actually really the whites so hard even like see brush strokes so he powders like the top of the face oh beach oh it feels terrible now felt so good when it was wet no it just feels like Oh am I starting to look like him yes but this is don't extra when people ask you what your girlfriend does for a living what do you tell them late happening up here I'm an artist I'm a shady beach you were going that bet ready oh no am i ruining it Oh some of it fell on my face I know it's making it look missed uh Oh sick he does it like under here like right here we're in the double chin you know can I just like honestly say that after watching but though you believed in me sweetie Oh get you a man who sort of supports know you so good honestly at this point I don't I just don't even know don't look like a dog what I'm asking honestly for a friend I missed like ten steps I don't know what he's

doing anymore stop it I just went upstairs and got my eyeliner pencil and looked at myself and whoa so now that we got that far guess what time it is we do the ears and this is I'm gonna need a whole whole ass shower oh oh I should have taken my earrings out what have I done I'm turning back now Oh like a whole glob of paint went down my bra stop judging me I can feel you judging me from here don't do that don't threaten me don't you threaten me oops that's too thick I've already up you can do it you know what this whole like not having a grey and then mixing it myself every time is really not turning out well for me if the fix in my face for quite some time I'm finally ready to try the whiskers a kid like that why are you looking at me like that this is normal stuff he does a couple of bro oh my god there's so many things in front of me alright now I need my wig and it's my Sam it's alright Kermit I feel like we got this beautiful matching oh my god wait can you zoom in I know I can see that but I'm freaking out right now [Laughter]

what am i oh [Laughter] but yeah I'm like a little darker than he is for sure I know I don't usually post them nails where you can see the end result but like is this a thumbnail unfortunately Kermit doesn't really have front teeth anymore so we're not really gonna match how'd I do don't ever talk to me of my son again I've reached my final form Smasher past hey do you know Oh lick it off he doesn't even care that I just spent all these hours doing this to myself do you care that I did all this work Internet this took a long time stop trying to get away from me act like you like me for the end of this video please comment put your weight back on like what's that mean like I wonder what jenna Marbles is up to it was like incredibly difficult but like if you spend enough time you can do it like anyone can do it it takes a specific set of skills to look at a picture and then do it on yourself like I could only do it because I watched someone do a video should I close my eyes more well this was this make sure you subscribe to my channel I put out new videos every Wednesday / Thursday I

guess I'll see you next time but one chicken for wearing wig and good play and good play when you're trying to get a boy to like you at school so you get into his interests I guess I'll take a lonely adults hour now bye