12 August 2019

Personal and social well-being: Social responsibility /Caring for animals


hello guys we have already learned from schools and from other people that are buying pages and then people treat them cruelly so today we are going to talk about caring for animals so that we took caring for animals people have always lived with animals they give us love protection and food some farmers and their money from animals they sell meat milk and eggs many people enjoy animals as part of their inner relaxation activity and interest like was riding being off bird-watching in some areas horses and donkeys are used to transport people and their goods most animals cannot care for themselves they need us to look after them like parking authority to animals sadly not all people care for their animals some people are cruel and abuse animals then in many ways exercise and health and must be treated when they're sick they must have inoculations against diseases the places they live in must be team and safe I wondering whether inoculation is well it is to vaccinate or inject an animal so that they are prevented from getting certain diseases

now just imagine this is a vaccination this is what they do to prevent the animals from getting any J is an activity that you give practice in the comments down below and I will read it and explain it if it is right or wrong read discuss and report back on an article ed maintains at factory farms spent their whole lives in tiny cages just a little bigger than an a4 page animals feel pain hunger fear and pleasure just like us human beings however many animals spend their life in tiny cages being fattened so that we have meat to eat this is called factory farming the animals are kept in cruel uncomfortable conditions and their lives are miserable and painful farming does not act like this with free-range farming animals are kept in field in the fresh air and allow food normally until there's water free-range animals have normal lives with no pain but free-range meat and eggs are harder to find and cost more to buy now the questions for the activity question 1 do you think it is cruel to farm animals in a factory why do you say so for me it's a yes I think it is very

cruel and I think so because they have to spend miserable painful legs in those tiny cages you can imagine how big an a4 page action is and they spend their lives in a cage just a tiny little bit bigger than that a4 page question 2 what other kinds of and cruelty to you know about please tell us or in the coming through that you can stop this or do you have a brother sister or cousin in your family imagine what their life like if no one protected them from being hurt or did not give them food or water or laughs what if no one ever played with him or if they were sick they were left alone animals have feelings too they must be protected and cared for we have a responsibility to take care of our animals see how these families of my examples take care for their animals for example there are too many dogs and cats a small operation can save an animal from having kittens or puppies for example a person might say we do not want our dog to have puppies and then the other person will say the one that does the operation we will try to do a small operation on Wednesday example number two please our tips cause

many the reasons wash your beds open and choose the intention or drops properly this takes the fleas and ticks of my cat I worked in his kennel and washes blanket it will probably dry quickly today example number 304 this one let's take free-range chicken the chickens like green wheat leaves as well as me yes they must have fresh water every day - chicken need space to walk and scratch we must have fresh food and water every day now example number four for this one mistake donkey that horses don't even divorces must not carry over weights there are too heavy for them the harnesses and salmon must fit them properly this cart is not truly for the donkey he likes the new harness let us practice another activity this one is activity to write in the comments what would you do try working in groups with your family choose a problem that an animal might have like being made fight being scared of loud noises like firecrackers having no shelter from the Sun or rain or anything or getting sick or heart and not having any medical problems talk about how

you'd solve that problem and report it down in the comments remember places of safety if you know that an animal is not careful or is treated cruelly it is your responsibility to tell an adult there are people and places that help protect animals from harm or neglect it is against the law to abuse animals so you could also report animal abuse to the police to be clear of what you just heard and learned neglect is to mistreat or not care for something crappy for example an animal and abuse is to treat very badly with violence or cruelty phone one or tribal one or visit a police station if you need to report animal abuse write down in the comments what the police number for your country because it might help many other people that still don't know that many talents have clinics for sick animals write them down in the comment - there are small organizations like Cheers which helps to care for lost abandoned or abused cats and dogs they keep them safe until they can find good home for them they feel bad and exercise them and give them medicine if they are sick they also inoculate and you warn the animals so that they don't get diseases

do you remember what Imaginex is it is to inject all vaccinated animals to prevent them from getting diseases most people who work our tails are not paid they do this because they love animals the people who work with TS teach people how to care for their pets and will operate on these days to prevent them from having puppies or kittens the SPCA is a worldwide organization that kids were lost abandoned Hut or abused animals if you know people who do not care for their animals you come to the SPCA and they will help you and any animal whether they are pigs on the farm dogs are useful fighting of sheep transport it truly are important to the staff at the SPCA here is your last activity for the Commons which is activity 3 let's read and explain about safe places for animals we already read about them oh we can see that we talked about it once find out please where you can take abused abandoned animals in your community as people to write a short story to think what you'll do if you saw an animal on the road that was hurt by a car who'd you tell where would you take them Velma how would you

have kept words remember you can write mine the video to get back some of the information and lastly number three read and explain your story to a partner so just write it down in the comments and anyone who will see it will read it remember that I will see your story and I will truly appreciate if you write it down in the comments bye see you next time don't forget to subscribe and like and please write down your answers in the comments down below bye until next time