10 October 2018

Pet care

hi guys it's me Brandi Andrea and

Taylor's right there we're gonna take a risk she's the filler for today basically what we're gonna be calling Oh guys it's hurricane Michael coming back with another hurricane is it was over last year Michael is here he's a category 5 actually it doesn't seem that bad and we're gonna get the worst of it like in two or three hours yeah like they said one and we may get really bad like it's already starting to pick up the wind again and it was pouring was way more friendlier than the other one I did your big where shut that so he can this is Leo right here Leo I too is safe well thanks for the golden tilt marries Rihanna and there's the woman relaxes okay you just like just sit there that's much its food furnish a little [Music] here's hope I'm gonna zoom in bitch I'm asked he'll be open time that I just found gold earrings in my hoodie yeah for me yeah oh wait we can zoom out and acne what y-you okay so guys I actually bought anywhere hangs from the from the flea market they were actually like wait wait no they actually real actually Austin let's a nice little dish

sequence there's like a facet to them and stuff so how do you clean out this tape and then she lays paper towel is basically like cleaning a hamster again okay yeah pretty much but you probably use betting we use paper towels yeah we don't use them no big mess about sucking as a house like a little thing with Shrek I'm not leaning on the highway sorry yeah I like gathered grass clippings for like the squirrels for the rabbit and stuff look what outfit oh by the way guys comment down below what you'd rather see videos are like this world it's pig tails and what ants the resume Montana Joe wearing kimono like but like common what you'd like to see supposing yeah yeah we want it this is mostly being a pet channel man I wanted to DIY chair more like just stuff like you got but like yeah like they're animals yeah not only just DIYs for the cross happen yeah but we like Martin comes a guy guys are capable of doing like the squirrel do Pig yeah so I just talked down below if you guys want to see more fish videos or yellow walls or if you guys just wanna

see um might care videos yeah or a tour of our pack but maybe not one money.i better like yeah I'm probably gonna be uploading every Saturday now yeah so although there's some inner door you tell I heard enough yeah it's kind of sad could see right through the doors every last door guys yeah and my new noon or you just really toast me no enemies Oh nan soon Dow he's very close yeah I am we made like these really delicious squirrel treats out of peanut butter and apple cinnamon Omiya we started eating them because they're really good the shows aren't even mice without my try feeding it to them yeah it is peanut butter Oh oatmeal bake with powder on top let me live see more videos of us now are just us with them that's one probably like mainly be with them but yeah Bouchard instead of that I'm honestly surprised you haven't dug a tunnel between the houses by now yeah that's dumb shocked surprised you know one of them's a troublemaker okay I want to be free the other ones doesn't have any really survival skills he tried to jump on the dog so that just

goes to show how well he's gonna make it fire dogs like very hard so yeah not only 30 she's yeah well they're getting your dog is like 1012 years older than on on yeah [Music] [Music] she just doesn't like being touchy so I should really love when she was a baby baby Peggy um I used to play before all the times she loved affect you man I know it's just like I don't care that's the I'll care of human don't love herself yeah give me food animal luggage up you know I met Slade yeah she looks for methods to make and I'm sorry I need you to love her chest I don't play I am done mainly because we have to clean this like these floors under make me become and everything else my father's picture oh she's cute but because I was cute doesn't be as easy to dig here not woman's the hole is very high name is pig oh yes very much energy like to veterans sometimes she doesn't yeah what are in the video here actually because like jor-el I'm not doing much she's just hurting my toes coming we'll probably get back on and it's like comes by at one so yeah so bye guys hope you

enjoy this video make sure you target down below what videos you want to see us do more of and we'll try to do them so bye you