20 March 2019

Pet day i Julianna De Vito

hey guys today I'm gonna be making like

I'm gonna be showing you around well I'm really gonna be showing you my rabbit and how to cheese and I actually got her when I was 2 and don't forget to hit that thumbs up and subscribe and comment down below if you have any pets in your house so this is her she is really cute I don't think you can see her and her cage I'm not gonna take her out cuz she bites sometimes but this is her she's really cute she's really not gonna in the mood she's not feeling very good and Hispanics hurting so this is my cat she's 2 years old and she's really cute and she is not that friendly but sometimes she's friendly so now guys I am going I don't know why there's my makeup brush yeah just she jumped something a lot of things Hey laughs she really jumped on everything in my house and I'm having fun today because I am going to go over all my dogs what the heck are you doing this is what you do her comfy like sandpaper you know then I'm going and this is my first youtube video but I don't know if

you saw my cousin's videos I think they have a youtube I am Not sure because um I don't really going and YouTube that lunch well maybe sometimes but not all the time I don't have my phone I do now actually recording on my phone cuz I don't have a camera yet for me mom living can't eat camera oh yeah it's so I just gotta walk around holding my phone I don't this is welcome babies having a baby and I'm going to be doing a shout out to somebody okay at the end of the video so [Music] [Music] [Music] I don't know what you're really so today because this is my first time but I can have I think you call it but soon I may be on commercials and there is where I'm sitting right cuz I'm the biggest um coming in the house I got my baby cuz apparently I got my baby cousin Nicholas I've got my baby cousin juice and I got my sister jasmine and my name is Juliana Rose DeVito latterly she screams Oh on last Nicholas I don't know keep it here juice because geez it's a silent baby she doesn't talk

at all yeah your hands is voice box no makeup video I might I don't know if I am cuz this is my first time blogging