14 February 2014

Pet Dental Health Month at Cicero Animal Clinic, P.C.!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and we are here to help your pet have a happy, healthy smile! From simple home care to professional dental ...

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with a brand new play it then oud Konerko we're going to be brushing Gammons teeth here today it's a relatively simple process you're going to make sure that you're using a pet toothpaste because it doesn't hear fluoride in it and they don't know enough to spit we don't want them swallowing anything that's a problem so you're just going to put a small amount of toothpaste on the end your brush I'm just going to lift up the lip here and just go right down a one back on the top on the bottom and they will swallow it and that's just fine because it's safe and then we're going to do the other side just right down on the top line you don't you have to do the inside of the teeth just don't on the outside boy give them the right back with a brand new place a bit then or you do hi this is our friend Olivia and we like to provide dental care for our kitties as well for our dogs if you can't brush your cat's teeth there are other options available to you you can either offer them an oral care diet which helps to prevent the build-up of plaque on their teeth or you can use one of two different types of dental rinses one which is anti

bacterial component and one which has some additives that is just a cleaning and freshening job it's relatively simple to you so to put an oral rinse I'd your kitties gums you're just going to want to lift the lip up to the side and just deposit some of the rents right along the gum line you don't have to worry about getting out on the lower lip because gravity will take over in saliva will bring it down to that area and then you just want repeat that on the other side just getting your ribs right along the gum line like your brother give them the right angle it's a brand new place but then for your D here we have a keen eye dentistry and we ever all looked up to her monitoring devices and everything and I have to my protective gear on so that we don't splash as a screen anything in getting our hair I'll be pretty gloves and glasses on in a moment well basically what we do is let you scale the teachings with our ultrasonic scaler get all the terms of on tire and calculus off of there to help them really up and help your teeth but see if any TV need to be removed and then we also afterward are feeling to take our

culture and polish up any off just nice and tight shiny and we like to try to do that as a predator care to help with their overall dental health just like with people it's good to have routine Jenna trees and if a pet needs any extractions the doctor will let us know and we ask the owner and okay that with that man removes any teeth but they moved so I'll show you guys really quick just kind of how we scale them and I'll show you how we polish them as well Oh so check our scalar oh right here on her upper canine you can see there's some staining and build up along there so just going to make sure my scalars working turn the water on for us make sure the water is flowing through and we kind of go in this direction and just scale the tops off with some water and once we get all the chat window I'll go ahead and take our polisher and we have a little thing of paste here as well just like they use at the dentist for us get some scoop down there and then we just like to polish it up you're ready get rid of any of the stretch of them might be left behind by the Geller and

then we'll take the water spray some of it off of there and then when they go home to you guys they have a great white smile is the new right back with a brand new flavors of it then bioody in honor of national pet dental health month we will be offering a special accessory Animal Clinic ask our staff how you can say forty three dollars on your pets dentistry today I kind of presents lucky fevers face brush brush infection Russia is the new right back with the brand new planes of defense for your teenager