07 November 2018

Pet Gear NO Zip Stroller, Push Button Zipperless Dual Entry Review 2018

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hey guys welcome to the rookies time

Street my name is Ken Issa and today we are going to be comparing and contrasting the June 7 pet stroller versus the pet gear no zip double stroller oh this is a gen 7th auger stroller I mean joggers surely so we're gonna be comparing contrasting at the end of this video I will give you guys my opinion on which ones you should buy and then you can let me know how you feel in the comments below so firstly the most noticeable thing that you'll see is the width difference obviously the June 7 is a lot smaller than the pet gear stroller what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put my dogs in each stroller and I'm going to show you guys the difference of how much space they have in this one versus how much space they have in the June 7 okay guys so this is all three of my dogs and be pet gear you'll notice that you can't really get them to sit but when they do sit they still have a lot of room you'll see all the space that they do have while in the stroller one can be over here one can be over there one can it be in the back so they have a really decent amount of space so let's move them over to the June 7 pet stroller alright guys

you will see that it still is manageable but you see how much more crimp they are and not as comfortable they can manage I mean they're not miserable but they just don't have the luxury of the space that they once you did have in beach n7 so that's one thing if you have multiple dogs or if you have a larger dog you may want to go with these pet gear no zip double shoulder because you do get all that lovely lovely space alright so the next thing that we notice is that the Gen sevens carriage does sit a little bit higher than be pet gear its carriage I was worried about both of them actually fit into my sedan and honestly guys they both fit interested in very good they it's no I mean they're very similar as to how they fit in the sedan they both get in there very easily so you do have a midsize sedan I definitely wouldn't worry and I know this one actually will fit in more of a compact car like a Corolla or a Honda it'll definitely fit in hot I haven't tried this one to sit in the Corolla but I know this one well okay so the next thing that you notice it's both of the strollers have the large wheels and both of them have the 360 degree turning and

both of them have a locking mechanism so if you are going to rough terrain the wheels will lock one thing that I do like about the gen7 or the pet gear is that they're the air-filled pump tires so if they do this slap able to pump them up with these in seven I don't know honestly what I would do if the tires went flat there's no like for instance on the pet gear I'll show you we have this little thing like one regular tires of a car so if they go flat I can fill it up right here once again seven none of the tires none of the tires come with that so I'm not exactly sure what would happen if I got a flat tire so that is another thing to consider okay now when we look at the access points gen7 actually has I mean yeah the gen7 has one more access point then the pet gear the pet gear you can only access your dogs through the front sorry Marley with the gen7 you can access your dogs of course through the front and you can also access them back here this area doesn't fit so you can get them out from back here as well and it zips fully so that's a positive entry means access them from the back of your back here and something's going on you

need to grab mount real quickly without getting all the dogs or what have you that would be a good thing to have another thing that I love on the June 7 pets is the compartment at the bottom I love that it zips and I love that it's accessible if a dogs are in there or not one thing about the pack here that's not it and B it's not greatly accessible when the dogs are in the stroller so let's see Marlene's are you and they're not Bailey's roaming around after lifted up and then he's always slides up to get to it it's easy for me because I do have you know my dogs are five and six pounds so it's easy for me lifted up but if you have a 60 pound dollar sum to consider won't be able to really get into there as easily when your dog is in the car or in the stroller another thing that I do like about the gen7 is that it comes with two really good cup holders and a storage compartment that comes with the Charlotte I did at this little bag to it I got this one by my babies just a normal child stroller back so it gives me two more additional cupholders little storage compartment and things of that nature with this I said this in a

previous video this cup holder is pretty much useless I don't really like it just because it tilts so far back it's hard to put anything in there and it does come with that little cup holder right there and a little compartment right there so I do like that version 7 has a little bit more storage for my knees for I want to put my phone up or if I want to have a more than one drink it's easier to do so on the gen7 stroller they both have the quick-release or the one handed right now gen7 does and the pet gear doesn't do it cuz the dogs are in there they both have these foot brake on the back June 7th and the pet gear and they both have the shock absorption so if we do get on bouncy terrain the shocks will absorb some of the bounce so dogs also uncomfortable in the stroller so the price point is extremely different so you may want to take that into consideration when you're looking at purchasing the gen7 pet stroller or the pet gear for the June 7th Charlotte I purchased this stroller two years ago and it was $1.99 and I did recently see this stroller and HomeGoods and they're selling at about

150 now and the pet Gere knows that double pet Charlotte comes in at a whopping four hundred dollars so you may want to take that into consideration as well it's a huge $200 price difference so you want to look at that because at the end of the day they're both really good strollers just depends on your personal preference so you want to look at that now if I were to judge both of these strollers on quality honestly for me vegan seven would win I do feel like it's made of a little bit better quality the wheels never shake on me is always a smooth ride sometimes the pet gears wheels will shake when I go from uneven terrain to even terrain like if I come out of the grass and hop on the cement it'll shake a little bit until it straightens out sorry guys but the gen7 doesn't do that it's a little bit more of an easy push and it's just a little bit more sturdy in my opinion than the pet gear stroller so if we just go over it the pros of the pack you're mainly its size its sizes what is the really selling and the key point on this stroller and again it is a very it's a sturdy stroller and it works well and I've used it a lot I've had it for about

a month now and we want a lot of places in it and it works really well and I do feel like the dogs are a bit more comfortable in this stroller because of the size and with the gen7 it's a little bit more in my opinion sturdy and the manufacturers had the dog mom in mind when they added this nice cup holder on the top and the storage compartment that zipped in the bottom I feel like they happy excuse me to have the owner in mind when creating this stroller so at the end of the day I wouldn't tell you to get one shoulder next I love them both and I'm going to keep them both sometimes I'll use the gen7 shoulder and then sometimes I'll use a pet gear stroller I think they're both good buys I would recommend you buy either one of these you just have to decide you want the size or do you want smaller okay guys so that was my review on beach in seven first is the pet stroller they're both amazing strollers not recommend you buy either one and they both some of them like the gen7 will get ahead on one in the pack here we're gonna hand so that kind of coming in pretty even when you look at both and

you really break it down and I feel like either one is a really good purchase so that's like thank you for watching those jerk these times three please do not forget to Like comment and subscribe and share this video also if you have any questions feel free to email me or leave a comment below bye guys [Music]