04 July 2018

Pet Haul, Snake FEEDING, New Products, and Meal Prep for Dragons? | Pet Vlog

Pet Haul, Snake FEEDING, New Products, and Meal Prep for Dragons? | Pet Vlog I hope you all enjoyed this video of me making my bearded dragons food ...

everyone inside you that we're going to

be covering a variety of topics um I just got back from the supermarket and Petco so I have a couple things I want to show you guys and also I'm going to update you guys on the roaches because they have been running like crazy and multi and things I'm the baby roaches that is if you haven't checked out the video where I talk about that there'll be a link to that up in the card but I'm also going to be doing some things like I'm kind of preparing be the dragon food for like the whole week and things like that and also making some products from my store so we're going to do it all that and more in two days [Music] so here are the bags of stuff that I said I had gotten from these stores to the first thing that I got are these old-fashioned oats is gonna be used for some of the items on my shop to come and already on there then I just also got I just got a good amount of collard greens for the Dragons then the from Petco I just got 20 large pickets for the pac-man frog then I got a hopper mouse to feed to my snake I hope this does not end up actually being too big for him and then the last thing that I got is

just this one is Turkey and salmon formula it is grain free this is gonna be for my hedgehog I do not have a cat he has never had moist food before so I'm excited to see what he thinks about this and you guys are also gonna see him eat this [Music] [Music] alright guys so this is tangerines tank she is due for a water change today so that is exactly what we are going to be doing [Music] [Music] leading us love is all we'll ever trust [Music] through wastelands through the highways from eyeshadow to sun rays and [Music] [Music] along the way melodies we haven't played I don't know [Music] going around these walls to create a song there we go I don't know why he's being so drowsy today he's like not attacking them oh okay to the wastelands

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright guys so that Mouse this one right here is a hopper and I had a feeling it was gonna be too big for my snake but I got it anyway once I saw him already grabbed it I was I don't want to like yank it out of his mouth so he really is hungry so I'm about to go back to Echo right now exchange this mouse for another one because clearly he's he's obviously hungry and that Mouse is too big for him alright guys so as you saw the mouse was actually too big for this he has to eat so I'm actually gonna have to go to Petco exchange that mounts for the fuzzies I believe I'm gonna get like a three pack now we're just going to start chopping up some bearded dragon salad and kind of meal prepping it so that I don't have to cut it up every single time you need to eat this week and I'm just gonna be using collard greens and whatever other vegetables I have [Music] [Applause]

[Music] something in the air always something in the air [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right now I'm gonna start creating some of the products that I am going to be adding a new listing for on my site [Music] alright guys so we just got back from Tycho I exchanged that hopper mouse for a three pack of fuzzy mice anyway in other news I'm really excited to announce that my what is what do I want to call it I don't know exactly what I'm gonna call you but I think it's finally done and on my shop now so this is what it looks like as you guys can see of course it has my logo and everything on it but you guys have been really asking for this and this is what I use I have used this stuff for years and it is so successful whether you're feeding feeder insects pet roaches crickets super worm any bug really you can give this to and it is loaded with calcium and protein so also it's it's perfect for growing them so as you guys know I have but I know a

lot of you guys were interested in this and I'm really just happy to finally have this available to you guys so the link to this product will be in the description of today's video anyway back to the mice let's go defrost one of these mice so we can give it to Odysseus [Music] alright guys that is it for today's do you think you saw it for watching if you guys liked it make sure you what it like make sure you guys subscribe to the lady genomics anywhere my future constant just like today's and you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram which would just add Curtis the saying just like my channel name if you want to shop with some unique pet supplies made by me so buy me all that stuff make sure you check out the link in the description to check out the Etsy shop that I currently run that sells pet supplies anyway guys thought I'd be said thank you so much for watching and I will see you all [Music]