06 August 2014

Pet Marketing Ideas: 3 Inexpensive Ways to Reach Local Pet Owners | Carmen Sognonvi

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are you struggling to convert leads into

customers it could be that you're actually targeting the wrong audience altogether hi i'm carmen sognonvi and i recently got an email from a viewer who's struggling with that exact issue in her business keep watching to find out what advice I have for her by the way for more useful tips on how to run a successful the hole bricks and mortar business be sure to check out my blog Carman sunyoga comm there I cover everything from how to get more customers to how to close more sales today's question comes from a viewer named Andy who lives in Las Vegas and here's what Andy writes I'm a portrait artist who mainly paints people's pets turning contacts into clients is what I struggle with the most so far I found face to face as the best marketing for me which I've been doing at local art and craft shows I get email addresses which by the way thank you for your email tips but I'm still struggling to convert them I send out newsletters and email blasts on important announcements like if I'm gonna be at a show or offering a special I just don't want to hound them what should I do

thanks Andy hey Andy well first of all I'm glad that the video I did on how to collect email addresses from your customers was useful to you and if anyone hasn't seen that video before you can check it out right here so Andy in my opinion part of the reason you're struggling a little bit is because you're actually in a different business than the one you think you're in you think that you're in the art business but in reality you're in the service and pet owners business and the reason I say that is because the motivation people have for purchase and a quarter from you it's not because of how much they love your work it's because of how much they love their pets so rather than continuing to target art and craft enthusiasts I think you're gonna get much better results by targeting pet owners so here are a few suggestions on how to do exactly that number one hand out flyers in front of pet supply stores pet donors make a lot of trips to the store because they have to constantly buy food and supplies for their pets so this is a great place to intercept your target customer make a list of the ten biggest pet supply

stores in your area and for two weeks Monday through Friday spend one hour a day handing out flyers in front of the pet store see what kind of results you get and if it works well then make this part of your daily routine number two do a freebie in exchange for an influential persons review identify ten influential people in your area now these could be local celebrities like me news anchors or radio ho sir performers you got a lot of those in Vegas right or chefs or they could be people who are simply influential in the animal lovers community the key is you want to find someone who has a large social media following and who likes to post pictures of their pets find a picture of the pet that they've posted paint a portrait of it and send it to them as a gift let them know that if they like the picture you love for them to post a picture of it to their social media accounts and share your URL so that you can help spread word about your services so not only will they get a cool and unique gift from you but you're gonna get their endorsement which is really valuable as well as exposure to their entire network so that is a

win-win number three cross promote with other pet service businesses there are so many different businesses out there servicing pet owners everything from dog spas to boarding facilities to dog trainers to breeders groomers walkers the list goes on make a list of 50 of these businesses in your area and approach them one by one about doing some cross promoting and some cross marketing ask if you can leave some fliers near their cash register and in exchange ask them to give you a stack of their flyers let them know that with every portrait you ship to a customer you always include a pet lovers resource pack which is a folder filled with flyers about different businesses that are valuable in the area and let them know that you'd be happy to include their flyer in each one of those that you ship out then actually do that and then also be sure to check back with that business regularly to refill your flyers at the cash register now to answer your question about what to put in the emails that you send out here's what I recommend schedule a weekly newsletter that is non promotional in nature and on top of that

whenever you have something to promote like a special event or a promotion or a sale that you're doing you can send out an individual email blast about that but keep those to no more than one or two a month so what do you put in this actual newsletter that you send out every week well you're lucky enough to be in a very visual business so you can do something as simple as just including a shot of the latest portrait you've done in every newsletter you know you're in a very visual business and people are eager to see your work so they're gonna love seeing that stuff so in each newsletter have a picture of the portrait you did maybe have a the original picture of the pet maybe say oh three words about this pet and the pet owner and if you have a testimonial or review from the pet owner be sure to include that as well and if you keep sending that out week after week pretty soon people are really going to remember and you're gonna make a great impression so when it's time for them to get a portrait done of their pet they will come to you before anyone else now before I get to our question of the week I want to let you know that if you

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