04 December 2018

Pet of the Week - Sweet Potato


everybody Mike Dukes here I'm with Karen bet your dollar II can't guess this dog's name sweet potato no idea all I know is that she apparently likes coconut so I'd probably have been a good name oh very sweet she is very sweet so what do we know about her um she came to us as a stray I think that she was returned once and then came back again and then wasn't reclaimed she's 12 years old and old girl she's really a nice dog real calm loves her treats which is fun and she chews crate left the way she chews but she's just a nice dog and she could use a home for her golden years let's say it's nothing wrong with her she could stand to put on a little weight but she's really a nice she'd be a great companion for someone who who doesn't want a a dog that's gonna be to do rody yeah too rowdy and someone who can fill her treat need but she's really nice she's really thin right now but she's she's in good shape and she's been spayed and she's ready to go home like her she can walk you know go on nice walks with you and she's a bottomless pit when it comes to trip's the treats

he's slowing down just a little bit I don't think you'd have to worry too much about her getting on your furniture because we've tried repeatedly to get her to sit up here with us and she's just nope I like her senior dogs are really nice you may not have them for as long but there what you see is what you get and so you know it's easier to you know she's a calm dog she's got a nice personality and she needs a home for for her her remaining years which you never know she could be here a long time and we're estimating 12 but it's hard to it's hard to tell she's had a few litters she's been around the block but she's a really nice dog and a lot of people that's all they wanted them are the seniors this is a nice one she doesn't seem to bark a lot she's quiet in her kennel I think she would really enjoy being spoiled that involved treats yeah I'd say so as this far she's not really that enthused about the toys but the treats treats are delicious so much fun to watch your chew love those treats don't you mm-hmm

hey you know what this Saturday is open house beyond that pictures with Santa and the Grinch he's been contracted again for this year under duress but they'll be fun so I've come in and get your pictures with your dog with yourself with your kids there'll be a fun time when we have the new conference room to have the pictures in so nice backdrop with the beautiful tree it'll be really nice so come in if you haven't been to the shelter yet it's a great opportunity to look around we're having reduced cost microchips so it's $15 to get if you if your dog is at microchipped yet it's $15 to have your dog microchip we do it on the spot it's a great thing if you if your dog gets lost we scan it we know who they belong to so it is not GPS but it is a way to identify the dog without a collar most of dogs straits we get in here either they don't have a collar at all or they have a collar with no tag which actually one of my dogs is wearing today because he got y'all con his collar so I get it but he's got a microchip and on top of that say you're a Santa photo fanatic you come here you get your photo taken

with Santa and/or the grant or both and you're thinking you know I want some more of that action Petco is also having photos with Santa and you said proceeds come back to us back to us so it's we potentially can make $200 or they're $10 a photo and I think if you participate up to a certain amount you get $200 over that amount you get keeps on going so yeah we can always use the extra funds go back to these dogs she actually didn't need a lot of help a lot of the dogs come in they need dentals or they need something done in good shape but it's a way to to help help the shelter animals oh here you come and I don't know the exact days but I am pretty sure that Petco was having Santa for three different days just post it on our website but there's three days one of them is the same day as our open house but they also have pictures in the afternoon or evening I think it's from like four to six or something but there's plenty of opportunities to go to both so see you can double it up or maybe come get it a picture with the Grinch here and Santa there knows and you really need to come meet sweet potato she's a really sweet dog properly

named she just needed about half a bag of treats to warm up she's smiling now the treats yeah you live creeps so if you're looking for a companion is calm and you don't have to worry about the litter litter training she's not cat potty training you don't have to worry about barking or you know running around at all hours senior dogs are the way to go and I think I think this one here is the ideal candidate right yeah clear yeah yeah like take her so you owe it to yourself come meet sweet potato and if you are wanting a younger dog or a cat or kitten we got those two again ideal opportunity to come in open house on Saturday but come in any day except for Sunday's cuz we're closed Kemp you got the cat cafe check out our new location meet all our dogs and cats oh do we still have rabbits yes lots of rabbits and actually our rabbits we've been we're starting to get them altered as well span neutered which helps a lot we had a problem with some of the male rabbits peeing on the walls way to put it so we're getting them neutered and that's

helping a lot and so we're we've always done rabbits for a donation but we're going to be charging 30 $30 for a rabbit adoption and that'll go back into getting all of our rabbits pandered which is good for the rabbits that they live longer when they're altered and they I guess don't pee on the wall not peeing on the wall it's a good thing but yeah we've got all kinds of animals here you really owe it to yourself to come check them out coming to one of these meet-and-greet rooms you can hang out with them get to know um just kind of an ideal situation so come meet sweet potato come see everyone we've got here and don't forget Santa and the Grinch actually has Santa twofer you can either come here or go to Petco or both I recommend both that's my recommendation we'll see you next week [Music]