09 January 2019

Pet Physical and Grooming - Dog - Small Animal Science

Mishicot Small Animal Science demonstration of grooming and a physical on Cal a male Australian Shepard mix dog.

so did take a picture you'll restrain

him and pet him so he stays calm and then we will put the thermometer in Vaseline duh make sure it goes in smoothly and I'm gonna put it in the anus and hold it there and the temperature says 100 and 1.5 degrees for Cal here okay so now we're gonna check cow's gums first to make sure he's not dehydrated for you to open up his pretty mouth it's either nice and pink nice coloration there nice pretty teeth good job buddy that means you nice and you're nice and hydrated and then we check his coach here we don't want it too glossy we'd like it nice and nice and firm like this nice and soft we don't see any oils in it and also check for ticks and fleas and he bites and we check ears ears like nice and pink I don't see any black spots or mites should be in no in fact it's a little dirt in there but we'll clean that out looks good Noah's nice and cold and moist very healthy dog he's kind of timid kind of all over the place and just very happy right now okay so next we'll look at Cal's eyes as you can see they're not glossy and they don't have any crust built up so that's

good they're also not red and they are focused on one thing and they don't go separate ways let's say 250 2.8 now we did the math to see what he weighs he weighs 60 point 4 pounds so we're not hoping the CTR or CRT okay now let it for this time I let go you can see it's a little darker color but it goes right back to pink right away I'd say about one or two seconds okay his lungs seem very clear I don't hear any problems breathing it's nice clear breathing no wheezing right no wheezing sounds very quiet in there all you can hear is the breath studies taking okay now for his heartbeat all right now we're gonna test the heartbeat of Cal and you can either use a stethoscope like Logan here or you could use your fingers to feel a pulse so I'm gonna go right into that armpit area where you can feel this are being perfectly fine so I'm gonna start okay that's one I had 25 so you multiply that by four you go every 15 seconds to get an average and it was around 100 beats per minute that's all for the heartbeat now we're gonna find his breaths per minute you can choose any spot you like that you can find his

breathing pattern so I'm gonna go on a neck okay so now we're going to check on Cal's notes to mention that no debris or anything that might be clogging it that way he can breathe clearly okay they nose looks clear I could he's breathing the same equally out of both nostrils I can't say anything clogging it it looks pretty clean in there he's very healthy dog okay so now we be checking Cal's teeth um does he seem to have clean teeth did you play yes his teeth look very white and clean from what I can tell from them be nice a few and oh yeah I see we got very nice weight clean teeth here things have been chewing and lots of stuff to keep the tartar off of them okay now does he have moderate dental disease or severe dental disease I don't think you would have me if any you death moderate looks very nice in here everything's nice and pink I see no blackening 20 of the gums his tongue looks very clean okay now are there any noticeable broken worn or missing teeth I know I let's teeth look intact they're nice and clear yeah they're nice and clean sharp on all edges

no no whatever broken tip okay so what color are his gums this comes a nice and pink as you can see here the nice your nice coloring they have no blackening to them at all okay does it does he seem to have any oral pain ulcers or masses um when I can see I can't see any mass is growing anywhere I'm just very healthy very very very healthy to see if there's any soiling going on in any of these glands um they all seem not I feel no swelling except the affiliates well you know he's going to seem nice and tight and floppy with the skin very healthy okay so now we're gonna be checking for any pain or masses and Cal's abdomen here first off I feel no manses at all growing anywhere it seems nice and clomping around like a dog's bow it should be where he has no fat um obviously I'm just checking I feel a little lumps on masses I would be growing and you had the dog nice and smooth it's nice and yeah give me a call or something okay so now maybe checking cows your genitals to see if he's ever been neutered before yes yes he has no testicles left they have been he has

been neutered okay so next we'll be brushing Cal Steve we can either use a finger brush like this or we can use a curved toothbrush like this and some doggie toothpaste never use your actual humans toothpaste okay so today I'll be using my finger toothbrush and you just apply the amount of toothpaste that seems likely and then you just lift up his lip a little and then just start scrubbing his teeth you want to be very delicate around his gums you'll mostly try to lick the toothbrush because it's very good tasting the dogs you have to get way back there by his back teeth too if you need to you can apply more toothpaste there's other side make sure you get his bottom teeth also okay okay so now it'll be washing and grooming town first we'll start with a rag and some prosense odor-eliminating dog shampoo and we think which is very good super freaked out so we will get a rag nice and wet well soak it and then we'll put some of this doggie shampoo whenever use your own shampoo but you can use baby shampoo okay so now let me get it count what as you can see doing it this way may

leave a mess of the easier like anthem or we net a hose that we could spray with but anyway it worked make sure you even get his legs and when you do his face what you want to do is you want to take just a damp towel no soap and just go right along his face just to make sure you get his face nice and clean in the top of his head trying to keep their ears too wet though okay now when he seems to be pretty damp and ready for so you want to take the Dali shampoo and put it right on his back not too much but not too little and slowly slowly work it through his back and down to his belly and his legs and slowly work it down make sure you get his belly in his legs because those are important parts okay now do you think he's just a ball all the way scrubbed up and washed you want to take your damn frag once again and rinse all the soap box when I fight of it as much as you possibly can so he does it itch him later or cause them dry skin you always wanted how do you keep a hand on him so he doesn't shake step slowly [Music]

[Music] let me finish the washing stage we're gonna start off with drying Cal you want to make sure you get them nice and dry trying to irritate is used to micelle your weapon with the towels to make sure you get all of the place on his legs under his belly make sure you get a nice keep dry you can let these dogs air dry to what I do further next we'll be there cashing him and grooming him this brush is just for like callous type of fur just like brushing and get it nice and soft after that finger bristles you just to get off bigger mats are any imperfections in the fur and the next brush is for lice and ticks which Bella has she'll show you you have to mostly check around his body to see and then you check the comb