13 March 2019

Pet Safe Little dog training e collar


all right I wanted to get you familiar

with this pet safe call it our II call it's a little bit different than the mini educator what what it will do first when you want to turn it on and pair it is this flashing button will be off and then when you so that no still ok so it made that noise if you heard that so to turn it on ill press and hold Nikolas Nikolas Shh so listen for the beep it'll make a beep and then it'll be on when it's doing this green people so then underneath you'll see that this this collar is a lot smaller and a lot lighter than the main educator for and it's made for small dogs so it has very small connectors here but these do need to connect with the skin in order to for the dog to feel the vibration of it and the correction back here is this little place where you're going to plug it in at night to charge it and there's also that on this one right here as well plug it in to charge I marked this with some fingernail polish so you would know where the up and down button is on this one I'm sorry I'm getting it too close to there so this is going to be if you need to go mm-hmm on it if you think that your dog is getting near something

that you want to correct them for or you're going to go do to the working level of your dog say might be just a one when this this is locked on up to eight it has 15 levels so you can go up if you feel like your dog needs it but it stops on the 8 right now and this is the bar that shows how much energy is left so if you have a good overnight charge it should be fine on the top here you'll see this button is to deliver the correction and you'll see on your other one when that gets invoked it's going to turn red so it's a pretty light pressure but we want to simulate the same pressure on pressure off as the prom collar to the e-collar this is a static charge so it's a little bit different feel than the other one but again it's been really dumb you know kind of diluted to make it so it's a very light correction and like I can't you know I have to turn this up to probably around a 4 or 5 - and I barely feel that on my hand so you know anywhere between a 4 to 8 is gonna be a good correction for the dog or a reminder not to urinate on something or to stop jumping up on you any of those things it's gonna be really good for

this other but there is a button right here but it's for it's just for a noise and I don't use it I'm not training that in because I've already trained your dog on the prong collar first with the pressure so for me all I want is either signal correction on the lowest level the dog can feel and then a higher correction for correction so it should be pretty easy it's a pretty easy device it's also good for if there's a lot of barking going on you can go ahead and give them a correction for that as well it works really nicely for all those things that that you are not liking your dog to do now if you want to call your dog to you you're going to go ahead and put it down to the lowest level which for the dog I'm working with right now is a 1 or a 2 and so I will you know press when the this is on the dog I'll say Moochie here I'll press it and the dog will look at me and turn and come running when the dog gets to me I'll say Lutece it I'll go ahead and press it again as I'm saying Moochie sit and when the dog sits I will give affection reward or release say ok or let's go whatever the next thing is that we're doing so it

works exactly the same as the mini collar and the way it plugs in at night is there's a black you know cord similar to this which I think I might've know paired is that the cord comes with it you could just put it into your regular charger whatever charger you have or into your computer or laptop at home and it's a double charger right here for your that you'll plug into it and charge it at night so good good I hope this helps and also I hope that the fingernail polish I put on there to kind of guide you so when you're looking for the up or the down and the right button to use you should do well alright we'll see you soon have a great night