10 February 2017

Pet Shop! Elsa & Anna buy a Puppy at Barbie's Pet Shop! Doggy Bubble Bath +Cute Kittens! Dolls movie

Pet Shop! Elsa & Anna buy a new Puppy at Barbie's Pet Shop! Doggy Bubble Bath + Cute Kittens! Frozen Dolls movie Frozen Elsa and Anna visit the new Pet ...

oh good sweet past big day they have

shall we have an acute side come on [Music] oh I didn't know about that we could kind of use it remember I need a puppy I need one getting a puppy is a big decision you have speed that was fun and take them for it lots of responsibilities I mean that is not toys mommy I can do it I know it can obey you up we've been looking for you we were just having a look at the new pet shop was thinking about getting a puppy oh wow that's exciting I haven't promised anything yet we keep having a lip remember I get there's no harm in looking handle it can we write down there no I mean you could ride on that they're not pony what's the point is getting your pack [Music] I hope anyone could be home Elsie look hey listen to me vet stroke them you have to turn them ever so gently they'll be your friend [Music] what is disgusting I don't want them I feel like this toy I think that's a toy so dog is just a dog I want to get it for me funny I mean stop barking at the

animals don't mix it down hello how can I help you today we just wanted to have a look at some puppy you mean she wants to get a puppy don't worry we have everything you need to get a new pet our shop has only the finest premium breeze around we also vaccinate them train them and fall exactly happy settle in which means you can go home with your pet today with everything you need oh I don't know lit more excited you or the kids don't let me see how some pants hey stop I can strip them all day mommy I want this white puppy can we take him home are you sure you want this why yes I want it so much when we saw each other well is it true no I guess I'll have to take him home little pop you are coming home with us have you taken your pet yes with multiplexes people home great choice we'd like to purchase any accessories for him and we'll have that blue jacket and some grooming equipment great choice madam with your all promotes on pet perfumes yes please perfect we also give a complimentary bar to all I'm you pet owners oh how lovely we recommend you use our coudl shampoos

perfect bubbly curry little poodle pick in the past this one really liked having his fat brush Kinneret Harold oh cool you can [Music] howdy guys oh nice try can I check it for him yes everything he sure is I can't wait to play fetch with him I'll just pack the rest of your stuff and then you can take him home I'm even more excited than you we're gonna have together we'll get this toy certainly shall I pack it with the others yip-yip puppy we've got anything I think we've got everything we need everything in this bag and then you can take him home Oh Elsie for him [Music] [Music] [Music] forget you like share and subscribe flight path big [Music]