10 October 2018

pet sim

so good I just hopped on my account and

I just put I put the pass in the chat it's because you probably somebody took it and they change the password don't worry I mean if you don't win today I'm gonna be giving away some more and I really pipettes him with people well first I gotta if I gotta clear some friend list like I really don't know these people so if you guys want to friend me then with the play number so I wanted to give away that Saturn which I don't care about so let's go ahead and jump into the game Oh in that um dope plays if you guys played prison life it had a riot shield game pass so I forgot something cool I want to Saturn Saturn [Music] will be I just got another fire do trashcan they don't give you 300 bucks or gold they send a habit someone I'm gonna do a live do okay so my name is yeah about 21 join the game we're all friend you [Music] I don't know your roblox username can you tell me your robust username look tick add me one name is Raj at game football let's go ahead try to leave the

games let's go ahead and go and if we friends I'm friend someone self but can I have something the robux first because I got scammed more time my nero works i said someone tried to scam me I thought I heard this name before this one yeah it's this one right me actually didn't say that notices someone trying to scam me a roebucks in there and then which one is is it this one right here okay okay is it this is this is your account right I don't know I think it is I don't want to try to friend the wrong person like oh that wasn't it yes it is K so I'm words in the last room please join me and then we can check okay join me and then we can chat in the game okay so cuz I don't know my phone lets me watch YouTube in play games but I don't know if you're fun once you do that okay so just child me in the game and I'll see you later