10 October 2018


hi YouTube it's a boy be ski I do it's a

boy nice gamer another video and I had any pet simulator and the Google iPad spot I cannot show this screen because I can't show the screen because I'm streaming from PC so we open the roblox column I've Scott offline on roblox just because add I just have to open road blocks calm you happy I feel like I kept posted in the chat right now what I kept spamming for people to join that's the one I'm gonna be doing yeah oh my VIP likes I like to put it in the jack but I don't own them I do not own the VIP links I just written from discord so I can this hope that there's nobody in it okay you ready I might get famous for pets in the way to give away by the way by the way should I keep doing these giveaways and try to get and do the try to get famous challenge by doing this cuz I could get famous by giving away pets alright cuz I couldn't be yeah yeah everybody could get famous by big nice right oh hi viewers viewers let me go to roblox.com and I'll post you guys the link to this VIP server my roblox run bones eyes do not leave the stream you will soon get the pets after I post the

way I appealing I'll give them to you but you guys I want my friends give me pets but that does not mean I don't I won't give you guys pets I want my friend to give me pets so I can do two more giveaways yes white viewers your left all right how many viewers did the other guy leave what you know you know I you know I just oh hi oh other viewer I have to UM log into robots and send you guys the VIP link after putting my roblox password other white guys are video games the most important thing in the world yes or no like are they dust that's why I'm asking move it in the chat either you guys say yes or no to that question and I posted yes or no that's a yes or no question that's a yes or no question you guys can only say yes or no say yes or no I think the correct answer is yes but okay you can say whatever you want it makes fun it you can make fun of me for being stupid like that am i stupid for thinking something that's not true like please do not call me stupid it's just my opinion guys it's not your opinion it's my opinion yeah you guys I'm not cause of my opinion right guys

I'm not stupid just because of my opinion right click join that VIP leg just join it if you're on PC join a VIP link join that VIP link but for some users I'll join a public server you guys can be my follower I'll follow you back so if I'm not sharing my screen by the way it's because look this is a PC see those little mouse click ease see these little cliques that means you guys believe I'm on PC so yes if you believe I'm on PC now way guys I'm loading in the VIP link guys I'm in the VIP lane meaning yeah you can only join the VIP link to get pet so I might be appealing join it eyes I'm in the VIP eating join that VIP my username is rocks 2017 with to or me if he goes on a mobile oboe then I give you guys prints jump if you guys are not gonna do that I can golden pan or something like that I can boil Ike cyborg cat huh what how many guys are watching Oh viewers horse Muir's tap this zip link click it just click it and I'll be in it okay the username is ready HAP ready

[Music] show me Dad show me that oh you have so many of those drop offer it and not offering so ready up okay guys Oh bro okay hi I would just want subscribers I'm doing this to get subscribers guys I don't want to I don't wanna give my here will you take these two just ready tap ready these are free these are free for free see bro they were free boom new rides Kenya you guys can creep me you got nice eyes I'll take a support you guys make me proud can I support I take it as you guys supporting me what do you want and Victoria you like it I don't want to give my cores but do you want from thing else and we'll give you something else do you want give you something bro yeah ok how about I give me okay I'm ready guys ready hey guys putting the hate on me I'm sorry if I'm not guys you couldn't give me a pack I don't mind listening guys stop the climbing me can you say subscribe you guys you guys long you guys just want to leave if you guys want to leave just that if you guys want to

leave just athle subscribe if you guys not like some my pets just at least subscribe you guys don't want my pets just can you at least just absque Ribe that's what I'm s ping throw on up here and here daddy we have the rainbow core or behind the eyes I thought I'm the hatch and prepare to a random person I'm not like not clickbait I know after I had shed one dies don't wonder [Music] sighs I'm not click baiting you hate me [Music] you guys think of my videos clickbait I will not click rate anymore if that's what you think if you guys think I'm gonna click bader I will stop click baiting fine wait follow me or brought a tuna egg I should think I would click rating you about corn you