11 October 2018



[Music] - one uniform aquatics and today we're gonna one Pet Supplies Plus for the part two is the aftermath of it poop goldfish Frank's tempore belli can't first happy Jegs happy fish on future Dan [Music] collections we're coming yeah my favorite genius is that face right there in the dancers [Music] you got chrome claw down here I can buy him [Music] I got cooties of mine when I don't think they use on what they never do [Music] teeny-tiny this mm bought board from male convict [Applause] my name is Olga we'll be precise [Music] we'll just see the guy three ones I really hopefully that rose you read this comment they got a bureaus you time I'll see any signs of disease they just don't look too happy

probably get some large ones repeat that [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I think I'm gonna buy this one this time they're a little bit bigger so we'll be able to eat more I'm gonna get a dozen goldfish - they got rosy red this time a little bit [Music] [Music] careful mom [Music] one divider or white [Music] Dogen has alcohol in it sells well don't have any old vinyls helping maybe I should buy one of these feed to my peacock Basnet wanna the other center not just are not happy [Music] in it's a pretty cool-looking comment in there [Music] I swear these things get my fish stick oh really [Music] I see a couple the rosy Reds with

internal flow bullion parasites but I fed my fish than before and they just digest them I actually don't see any no I didn't see that either the way that they're acting so come back but not today mom look there's more centered on this catfish these are the upside-down variety the one that actually mark it as upside-down catfish they're not like mine Oh Jules Jules to mother Malawi how very pretty Jules [Music] I have this access to the mighty Frank Myers hello dying fish dying parrot pick plays you don't have velvet miles can't close oh wait that's not a disease it's just other bread because you're retarded [Music] [Applause] you know silverdollar left you might think that's a way you can buy that algae eater and it's not it has a velvet all over it said still dying there's no this is the healthiest I've seen Myers Oscars which isn't very healthy mind I'd a better death than them things are here is them allowing

cichlid for South Americans fire mouse [Music] are we it's all the dying fish in my ass off a pathetic attempt to have pet in Des Barres this is where I got my first credit from Cosmo would have been right Suzanne - right at the back there or right here at the back I don't remember where but um they still have this paradise and some yellow paradise some Henry's a gold paradise this is a yellow come on turn around so everyone can see how dying you are that's a paradise it's an all the yellow paradise but it's paradise [Music] different [Music] here's their plan selection I like these ones supposed to buy any plants from here at being and stuff like this oh no wait no mind those little wires in the middle I'm not putting metal in my tank no thank you these these are better you're just all hard welders and plastic this is a really good-looking plant a lot better than these things I don't know why I would buy this

there's nothing like good see I do have a lot of chemicals oh boy I wish I was $5.99 and I do need more aquasafe I have out there now I need Meyers personnel coming must hide what's the hunting because they do not like doing them in their store here's the cheaper version of my fish food I have Hikari this is all tetra sir I got my bag of blood was fun well I wasn't able to hide do not to come back and eat me here's what I was meaning by all by feather fin cats everywhere just filming so madam Pet Supplies Plus these are the ones that I have look at these poor things are dying you know placing it on it sit there mine is enormous and not sick but as you can see just like I said these guys are an inch and a half long in there almost seven bucks so mine is like ones like that long so yeah he's definitely 50 bucks but no me can see little itty bitty feather fins poor guys I don't deserve this such an awesome type of African catfish as you guys know they're my favorite they do not deserve to live admire and you can see how Hardy and how awesome they are they're the least sick looking fish in

this whole lineup of dying fishes like they're the least sick acting and looking fishes out of the whole lineup the whole lineup for their poor koi keep the waters either too cold or too warm they're all skittish see how they're swimming that is an unhealthy swim tip any of your fish is swimming like these guys that's not good my friend that's not good [Music] you know some wine are just a little smaller than how they got at home poor thing [Music] how do this to fish their animals just like us look at this dude there's like covering the bottom of this tank there's like over two dozen dead neon tetras what is this don't even get me started on there black goes there's no algae in the tank so I have nothing to eat they don't see them this guy's dying this place definitely does not deserve good-looking fish and they're not being they're dying like they got fire miles here nice like what African cichlids and some of the best personalities ever but horses [Music]

how can this be fabulously there's such a good species of catfish I don't know how they can do this I can't wait to go see mine and feed them some nice Palsy wafers and be thankful that it didn't happen to buy em from you sit we'll put them on camera but I was teaching some people about bettas right then are there things about buying better and just wanting to give them some knowledge about choosing betters and stuff so yep can I get a 99 cent mountain ooh I see people here at Meijer all the time wanting to buy fish and I just want to make sure I recommend that they go to the place right across the street much better quality yeah kinda sick so I just didn't want to put their faces on camera but I'm pretty sure they're either gonna choose one of the healthy ones I told them about or they're gonna go over there they had some really pretty ones over there that I wanted to buy but I'm gonna save my money I'm gonna make a DIY divider put it in the three gallon and probably buy a coy betta because that's like my favorite so thank you all so much for watching this video I hope you all enjoyed it want to see more pets or videos leave a comment down below make

sure you like this video and subscribe to my channel turn on notifications so you can be notified of when I upload and I'll see you all in the next one fish on [Music] you [Music]