07 October 2019

Pet trainer dog training collar unboxing

300meter remote (330 yards)

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like and subscribe button anyways we bought this on Amazon it was like 36 bucks it can go up to 925 feet which is three football fields obviously it's pet one but let's open this up here write your directions cases you need to call somebody about it or if you need another product obviously have your charging pieces right here there's two on one USB port obviously you need to charge your handheld device which is on vibrate and then you have your device that connects to your caller now real quick this isn't to abuse my dog I use these not this particular brand never used this brand before but we use these to train our dogs for when they're outside I don't like keeping them on a line in the way I do it is I'll hit the vibrate button when I yell for his name and then I hit the shock button if he doesn't come and whenever he feels that vibrate he thinks that it's gonna that he's gonna shock so he'll come over you know you also have these okay they're smaller tips you don't want these digging into your dog you're obviously gonna take this off of them you know you don't want it on them all the time you only want to use this when you're like

out on the property or out in the woods or something just what they don't run off on you you got small this is like a medium then you got a much larger one use it for long haired dogs and this is for a little bit of a shorter hair dog my dog is a chocolate lab so these ones are the smallest ones I believe they put on here and it's real simple to set this thing up we're gonna take these caps off yes I have shocked myself with this thing before not this one but and my other ones so real quick ah what you got to do is when you have this you need there's a little button in here you have to push the button and you just have to push a button on here okay and it'll then you know you can go through your modes that's vibrate oops that's shock which I'm not putting it at will put it on a 50 for later on and this one is just a light and all it does is is it makes this little red thought blink that's it there is a light on this but then you hit your mode again there's a sound it'll make I don't know if you can flips I don't know what to sound those it just makes a beet noise you can't adjust the

sound and you have your vibrate again which you can control that right and then you could turn down roll oh you just want them to be able to feel it feel that and then obviously you have your shock setting like I said I usually hit the vibrate first if he doesn't listen the first time he gets just a little zap I don't sit there and lay on the button or anything like that this is going to help him a lot I've had chocolate labs before they're extremely dumb they don't listen with a crap now this thing comes inside here this is a tester and what you would do is you would take this you would stick it on your just stick it on here see your tester up here there's also a little tool it'll take off these a little nuts this one's obviously for the bigger ones and then you got your smaller ones on this side what's your smaller online right now what you do is when you put your tester on the thing it'll light up when you're shocked in it when we turned it up I don't know if this gets brighter if you test it yeah it does so you know I have shocked myself with this thing by accident once I was holding it I'm

thinking my kids touch the button and I got zapped with it it hurt I never go up above I just did that for a test I never go above 50 well 5 on my old one and I believe these are the same way I'll test it out on myself later I really don't want to now yeah I don't want to nasty not hurt and I got to go to sleep I'm sure it would help me go to sleep that I knocked me out but you obviously have your collar it's adjustable in two places this is what I liked about this he's a puppy obviously so he's got a small neck right now so there's two adjustments on it you have this one and then hold on Victor side-by-side you got your adjustment here got another adjustment here which is great because you can use it when they're real little and it'll grow you know you can obviously make it bigger for a full-size dog like I said before long hair medium hair and pretty much what a bald dog would be like I don't have a black lab this would be perfect for him I do not leave these on all the time it will hurt there it'll these will cause bed sores on them and you don't want to

leave this on but after you have him well trained on knowing what this thing is whenever he sees you with this he'll listen to you all the time I've had chocolate labs black labs I even had a white lab they saw these things in my hand they knew that they had that collar on and they would listen I think I used the collar like three times and it was it but they learned what it was and I would highly recommend this it is a good item check something real quick here just to give you the right information here it does stay on here I guess it works at 300 yards it's effective with an eight pound dog or larger so just make sure it's always charged so you can get that far distance and then you should be all right now remember you can work two collars with this is uncharged it everything but uh we can't wait to get this all strapped up and see how he responds to this we're gonna test it out after I take a nap today so remember to hit the like and subscribe button and if you have any questions or comments leave them down below