16 August 2017

PetDesk Pet Care Made Easy for Millenials and the rest of us

Shona Fenner & Shawn Brideman from PetDesk stopped by our Wework Startup Week Studio to talk about how to make pet care easier for millennials and the ...

hi I'm Eric Westridge and you're

watching startup show San Diego Star TV show about startup companies and welcome to San Diego startup week where we're at startup central HQ which is that we work Co work and we're here with pet desk Sean and Shona welcome so pet desk why what what believe you do that what was the pain that you went to solve well I'm a cat owner which means I really never take my cats to the vet and I'm exactly the type errant that we're trying to reach to be like hey you love this thing you dress it up and you name it and you give it a personality you should actually prioritize its care and make it super duper easy and that terrible little millennial generation so I hate items on the phone and it's literally what the app does so someone like me is super duper lazy obsessed with their cat all of a sudden what is annoying and you never ever do and you put off you can just get done so we did I scare ya easy pet care for Millennials and the rest of us very good so Sean what did you decide to do about this well we wanted to connect pet parents with pet care providers and make that communication easy a lot of times communication between like vet clinics for example and

pet parents is kind of annoying they chase you over the phone trying to get you to come in and then you have to return their message or you have to listen to the voicemail in the first place so we're helping pet providers like vet clinics reach their customers where they are which is on their smartphones okay so is that a where you call them or they call you or how does that work hopefully no one called anyone if you have any phone so there's a half yeah it's not a phone call right exactly anybody request to the app you can get your medication requested yes eventually to show up at a best practice but that's the good part you know where they give your dog or cat trees and they actually care for and you leave feeling happy and hopefully not with a huge bill but all of that said without a phone call which hopefully make me as a pet parent happy but also the staff at that clinic because all they do is answer the phone sometimes it's nice people on the other end sometimes not so nice people in the end so we can cut down on those calls they can have a happier day they can spend more time scratching puppies behind the ears when everybody wins but

it's like Skype with the databases and all the records behind it yeah that right yeah there's a lot of that databases and we sync with a good chunk of them a little bit over a dozen so we can work with most vets pull in all the records the history the vaccinations all that good stuff so when you start using the app it's all actually magically there and I could know how terribly behind I am on some vaccines I could see my history but I come in for and I could you know request to do all that stuff again the hard to call anyone and you know singing my couch watching Netflix ordering pizza very good hope you guys like merge with clever pets emotive cats you can actually call them so clever those and Auto clever pet is a Penn State game console for dogs and cats so what is your biggest challenge on when you wait to do this what what did you spend most of your personal time working on well actually I just joined the company about a month ago oh good why don't you spend your time working yeah last month so what we spend a lot of our time is really learning what our vet clinic customers need and want from us so we actually spent a lot

of time on the phone just having conversations with them and finding out about what their process is like where it breaks down what their pain points are and just getting to know them as people and as business owners what's the number one most important thing you hear most often that your customers want or need but sometimes frankly yeah does that industry is delightfully archaic I mean its first cards phone calls it's not that friendly woman that calls you and it's like oh like I wasn't seen your dog in a year like you should come back in that's why you love that vet but you know her life force is probably not making a hundred some calls a day I'm living boards mouth yeah so when you have animals coming in every five minutes and then that front desk person has to handle those animals their other responsibilities is calling other clients to come in for their annual checkup or their vaccinations and as you can imagine there's like very little time for them to be able to focus on that so we actually cut down on their the time that they have to spend calling people when their day is so crazy already so where are you now

you came up with this idea how many places are you how many customers how you measure how big you are currently so we are almost got all 50 states we've got some Canadian customers a handful up there we're starting to tap into Canada so once we get like DC in Vermont and I think it's like Delaware something like that then we'll have you know the whole map filled out and right now we're trying to really focus on the best but after that it's more of other pet care providers so groomers and boarders and frankly a lot of that have that new business already so we get to learn a lot about like what they do and how they prioritize it and how they get their medical patients in for a beautiful haircut and doggie facial but like that's kind of half the fun if you talk to these people and I start to learn that a blueberry facial for poodles is a thing so the pet spa industry right on track yes capture that market so personalize the results for me and tell me one thing that somebody has personally said to you that made you feel proud as to what you do that you're right on track bull cow

but also sort of humorous I love love love when we get communications from the users who act like there's a pet so give me one example a great one we got last week two dogs I assumed they were cats because of the nature of the message but same with Oreo and wrote it's a message through our contact up on the website and it's like thank you for helping my parents take care of me and edited with like lick lick lick attacks and hugs like it was adorable one of our support reps responded back you know like how what made us so happy and like this was great for the team and yet again Oreo responded back with another thank you for using the app and the hilarious part the beginning that user was not an app user they just used us for the communications and they just knew that what could pet desk was by the end of it I think that user download the apps that we had pictures of their dog or can look at how cute it was and Oreo was definitely as you might imagine very good so jumping ahead a year from today besides getting all 50 states where is this going to be well we will probably be ready to plan our expansion into other pet services

like grooming and boarding maybe even have your first pet spa next year weekend great so the most important question if somebody wants to learn more about pet desk in you where do they go headsets.com pets.com so thank you for what you do and thanks for being here thank you thank you Eric and thank you for watching