08 August 2019

Petland: How do they care for their animals? | Let’s see...

No hate on PETLAND!

so you want to go to a real party

[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so on this food right here I really like it so that is a plus they also have a nice toy selection as right here there is a chicken I love chickens but yeah their beds are nice and yeah there's a lot of nice toys here and there is a Gumby [Music] right here these toys are quite small but hey they're for small dogs you can't go wrong with cute little ducks I love how there's no rawhide and these are very healthy now here's the part where I don't what I don't like at all these critters hero pages and Katie cages and oval pages they're just too small for hamsters and the bare minimum is 450 square inches of floor space and the none of these cages meet that and yeah especially the circus one bye I hope you liked this video and I do not mean to cause hate to petland I do not want to hate on petland I am NOT trying to so don't come after me Pentland

employees if you're watching this because I don't mean to hate on you I'm just I have to educate people on pet lands care and correct hamster cages so bye make sure like comment and subscribe