03 December 2018

Pets on Parade: 12/1/18 (3)

and welcome back to pets afraid there's

not much of a cuter face than the wrinkles of an English Bulldog and she was definitely hamming it up for us earlier Perry please introduce us to Sophia she is a fun girl likes to have fun she's a real cutie too like you said this doggy was turned into a mergence Animal Clinic in Gilbert I could Samaritan who found her as a stray in our EMTs picked her up brought her back to the shelter and let's just say she had well Bulldog issues not such good skin not such good ears not such good eyes all really common things with a bulldog if you've had one you kind of know these things she does have a condition called dry eye which is probably a chronic condition it's treated with meds and said on a big deal but you have to know about it and she then went to foster hero Karstens house where she was fostered for having a hematoma which is broken blood vessel in the ear again not that rare for this doggy so she all healed from that and now she's available for adoption I have seen some Bulldogs in recent weeks at the shelter which is very very rare for us this is a great one she is so cute she

is extremely social and very very happy and very snuggly and she's just having a great time here with all these good looks that she has you got a figure named after Sophie Lauren right wrong Sophia from the Golden Girls okay wisdom over beauty then here she is come on out and great this great little Bulldog you Sophia oh my gosh well beauty and brains I think she has all of them thank you Perry and just in time for Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot on Netflix we have our own adorable Sabrina with us today please tell us about this cute feline oh where is she she is just loving Doug's hat here so she's just kind of hiding behind it shamelessly self-promoting the Scottsdale Beer Company so here she is here this is Sabrina and she is ready to go for adoption now she was in foster care we are in desperate need of foster hero zero eighty animals that need foster care immediately foster care is a very easy program to get involved in you can do orientation right online you could pick your animal right online remember that when you do foster care with the Humane Society everything that you need is provided for you so if you're doing

kittens or bottle babies they're gonna provide you all the formula if you're doing puppies they'll provide you crates X pens puppy pens what it is that you need to make sure that you are set up for success as long as 20 as well as 24-hour tech support if needed there are mentors that you can call if you have any questions or concerns as well as the hospital staff now fostering you can always find the perfect foster because if you're busy with work and you just want a foster for a couple of weeks you'll find a match if you're looking for something more long-term you can find a masters a lot of different foster programs there so Sabrina was saved by the foster program she is gonna be available to go up for adoption so if you are interested simply visit AZ humane org forward slash foster yes and we just found out yesterday that we have more than 600 pets in our shelter alone and about 80 of those pets meet foster so thank you so much for that great information ski and we want you to bring your pet to meet Santa HSS petite at the Shops at nor Tara for your Paulo Day photos printed photos will be 15 dollars each and proceeds will go

right back to our homeless pets at HS photos with Santa can be taken from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday December 8th in Sunday December 9th after your pets tell Santa what he or she wants for Christmas get all of your holiday shopping done and browse our holiday toys apparel and treats and now we have well she might not be very spicy but she's certainly a cute meatball Lisa look how cute a list little lap dog is we were all commenting on how well he just sat there during the middle segment while Doug was talking about the brewery but look at him cute sweet 14 pounder really soft we've got him as long-haired chihuahua but I'm seeing with this feathering here and maybe part Pomeranian or possibly part Papillon very very sweet unfortunately he was surrendered by his owner because of landlord issues they weren't able to have a dog after they moved so at four years he was brought to the shelter and he is looking for another home likes to play with tennis balls he's a little shy in the very beginning but is very very affectionate and they've also warned us that he likes to eat paper so if you want to use the

excuse that you dog ate your homework I think meatballs gonna be your dog because he will eat your homework if you leave it down but just a reminder to check before you adopt or before you move make sure that you can take your pets with you whether it be a cat or a dog sometimes there's certain breeds they don't allow sometimes there's a certain weight of dogs they don't allow so please check before you move and make arrangements for both you and your pet should you need to move in the future yes thank you so much Lisa and does your dog bark or lunge on a leash during walks it's your dog hard to control and strains to say hello to or bark at other dogs or strangers if so then HS is reactive Rover seminar is for you the seminar is next Saturday December 8th from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. at our sunny south campus and we'll give you tips and tools on how to manage your dogs reactive behavior on a leash as well as training tips for getting your dog to focus on you instead of other distractions this seminar is for human attendants only seats are limited and each person attending the seminar will

need to register register registration is just $20 so make sure to sign up at AZ humane org slash training and now Janine you have some adorable little black kitties I think you're pretty familiar with right I'm very familiar with these cuz I'm fostering them right now and well who we have here is Kyra and this is Binks and they're actually not siblings because when I first got Kyra she was very shy and closed down and she just really needed a friend so after about a week I went to the shelter and I said I need another foster another little single one so they but gave me Kyra all right sorry Binks and Binks is so confident he completely brought her out of her shell they're best friends now they're about a week apart in age and he's like the black sleep Panthers just beautiful stealthy quiet and then we have little Binks and he is just the most talkative kitten you will ever meet it's just amazing that so I really think I really would love for someone to adopt them together they don't have to go together but they really have bonded with each other if you can't make up your mind between a soft luxurious fluffy one then you could

have a sleek smooth panther like little one so that's the that's your choices and you got to come do it so I just love these two they've been great and they like Christmas music and they love the Animal Planet it's hilarious what's up I mean who doesn't that's awesome and they even had their tails wrapped around you like they were on a tree so they're definitely pant they're like oh yes and make sure to keep that channel locked in right here on three TV we're going to introduce you to more adorable pets right after the break