11 March 2019

Pets on Parade: 3/9/19 (2)


and welcome back to pets on parade now last week we talked all about our largest fundraiser event of the year compassion with fashion we love this event so much but we could not put it on without our sponsors especially our presenting sponsor which is PetSmart Charities and to talk all about that and everything that they do for animals here in the valley is Lindsay chiaro a program director from Petsmart charities thank you so much for joining us thanks so much for having me now before we get into everything CWS customer charities does so many amazing things not just here in the valley but everywhere in north america for anyone who's not familiar with everything that you guys do can give us a little rundown of that sure pets my trainees are based here in Phoenix which is a really exciting thing we are the leading funder of animal welfare in North America and just really believe that pets make us better people our mission is to find lifelong loving homes for all pets by supporting programs and thought leadership that bring people and pets together and we really primarily do it two ways we support adoptions we have more than

4,000 animal welfare partners just like Arizona Humane and work together to bring those partners into stores to facilitate adoptions and we've been able to find homes for more than eight and a half million pets which is really exciting and then thanks to pet smart customers who can give at the PIN pad it registers when they check out we've been able to grant nearly three hundred and ninety million dollars out to animal welfare organizations help support the work they do whether it's through adoptions spay neuter initiatives and really helping people keep their pets Wow I mean those numbers are just staggering like it's absolutely amazing it's almost like you can't even think of the impact that you guys make it's that great it's really exciting we have the opportunity to work across North America but Phoenix here is our home and we're really excited to be celebrating our 25th anniversary as an organization this year oh my gosh well speaking of you know Phoenix being your home you guys do a lot of great work here specifically in the valley can you kind of dive into that a little bit sure we have been here like I said for 25 years and work across

North America but really important to us to support our organizations in our backyard and the pets and the people who love them in the backyard as well working primarily with the Alliance for companion animals or a big partner of ours and just finished their big fix it up save value I'd Spanier initiative just this last weekend where they were able to spay neuter on site over 800 animals and provide vouchers for hundreds more surgeries after the fact so it's really they should be so proud of themselves we're honored to support and we've been able to give since inception about 19 million dollars to organizations across the valley to help pets and the people that love them I mean that's just absolutely incredible you know so speaking about giving back right here in the valley what is it about you know supporting the Arizona Humane Society and the homeless pets like this little girl here that is so important right how can you not but Arizona Humane Society has been such a staple in the valley and has done such wonderful things we've been honored to work with them since our inception in

1994 and we're just their mission just drives perfectly with ours in the amount of lives they've been able to save and the partnerships and Families they've been able to build and really help homeless pets find homes and it makes perfect sense to us oh my gosh well thank you so much we definitely couldn't do the work that we do without you guys and you know going back to compassion with fashion is taking place later this month on March 31st we are so excited that you guys are presenting sponsor again can you talk to us about what we can if there and why it's so important for you guys to fund an event like this oh it's so much fun we've had such a great time being a sponsor and attending I mean how how do you say no from fashion to puppies and wonderful people and food but like I said before the mission is critical to us and it's so important for us to be able to support organizations in the valley that are doing great work and to help homeless pets find homes but really our the missions align perfectly and we wouldn't not want to do it so we're really excited to participate again and it's a fun event and we look forward to raising

a lot of money to help even more animals buying homes definitely well Lindsay thank you so much for having and everything that you guys do our pleasure thank you yes and if you guys do want to be a part of our largest fundraiser of the year you can join us on March 31st make sure to get tickets at AZ humane uh org slash CWF so then that way you can be a part of the 1 million Plus fundraiser for this year hopefully we're crossing barriers yes definitely we'll make sure you guys stay tuned we're gonna introduce you to many more adorable pets including this sweetheart you won't want to miss them [Music] you