17 June 2017

Picture Of Ghost Girl Sitting On Bed Captured In Haunted Whaley House

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beast calm design your own custom snap backs and hats what's up guys I got something that's pretty crazy a friend of my son's of our calm pranks he has a youtube channel if you don't know about him check it out right here pretty funny videos really funny videos actually he actually visited the Whaley House which happens to be one of the most haunted houses in America it's located in San Diego for you guys who are interested and might want to visit this place now he took a picture that is insane to me he took a picture of the bedroom but before I show you that let me go into the details of this place our tradition states that the Whaley family believed the house to be haunted by Yankee Jim Robinson the man Thomas Whaley watched to hang on the property before the house was built some believe that the spirit of violet Whaley who committed suicide here in 1885 haunt the house now this is super important because the picture that he showed me is this one and as you can see there it looks like a simple picture but just look very closely and you will see that there is actually the image of a woman sitting on the bed and that is

really creepy I mean you can see it there it's very clear it's really creepy it freaked me out when he showed me the picture as a matter of fact he shared the picture with me on skype it was really late at night and I didn't see the picture till the next day because I know that I'm kind of like a little bitch when it comes to that stuff but here's a side-to-side comparison with violet Whaley who is the person who committed suicide and the image of the woman who appeared on the picture does it look like the same person I have to say that it kind of does the only difference that I see here is that the hair of the quote-unquote ghost is long and in the picture the hair doesn't seem to be long but that could always be because her hair might have been tied up or rolled up into a bun or something like that those are many possibilities the hair is not problem what I'm really focusing here is that the fact that there's a fucking image of a ghost sitting in a bed and it looks crazy it looks real now I had talked more about this on the show that I have on another channel if you're interested you can click right there and it will take you

to that channel where I talk more about this with another person we go more into details and we also talk about dreams as well shadow people bunch of scary stuff it's like the new show I mean if you don't know about it I send it before in a different video but I'll put it in the description section below and also in the comment section as a pinned comment for you guys who like that type of stuff but what do you guys think about this one here do you think that this is legit or not my boy showed me this picture and I don't think that he would have any reason to lie another thing I want to talk about is this video footage that surfaced of a doll talking and moving even though the doll had no battery and was completely off I mean it had no batteries in it and it was still talking and responding to people pretty creepy check this out this possessed doll was filmed talking and moving despite having batteries taken out the video comes from Cusco in southeastern Peru after a child's doll was filmed talking and moving despite not having battery in one clip the blond doll responds and moves its head as one man talks to her before she turns towards

him and wings in a second clip one local picks up the doll and is startled when the doll says thank you then it slowly turns its head to one side as the person holding it opens the battery pack and realizes that it is empty and what's really scary to me is what this doe is saying it's creepy because okay I know Spanish so I can translate this to you guys but what it's saying it's pretty weird it's saying I'll bring you your happiness yeah when a doll is speaking to you it has no batteries and it's completely off and it's telling you I will bring you your happiness yeah it's time to throw that out and burn it reddit why are they all like around it looking at it okay you know I don't really believe in too many crazy stuff but there are some things that you just can't ignore if the doll is talking to you and it has no batteries I won't ignore that and I want to be recording it and just like have fun with it yeah I'm burning that I'm gonna toss that Burnie chop it up in pieces put in the soup cook it out serve it to my friends and family you know little bit of food for my friends they like they like that stuff serve it to them put

some flour in it mix it up mash it up you know pizza dough now we're making a pizza right a little bit yeast otherwise the dough is not going to grow you need to grow put in the fridge 24 hours no less than 24 hours the next day you take it out sauce you put some sauce on it put some cheese on top oven 350 degrees and that's how wait what are we talking about many watches believe the doll is possessed by a spirit but some are suspicious and believe locals have been taken in by pranksters once totally a possibility but these pranksters have to be elaborate I'm pretty sure that he found a way to put the battery somewhere else and just like lined it up somewhere else pretty simple to do put it in somewhere real deep in there just spread it open real wide and just put it in there real deep real deep in there somewhere where no one would ever see it just penetrate that battery in there real deep and really good in there like really in there good one speculator says she only talks when her hand is squeezed and she hasn't done anything paranormal seriously there are idiot people who think that this is being possessed part of this guy a

Ghostbuster that he knows everything about being possessed why can't the doll be possessed and that part of it is that you need to squeeze the hand so it can talk I mean so what what have you squeeze the hand of this doll and it starts telling you your future or starts telling you all we were more Drude it's not possessed simply because you have to press the hand it means that it's about possessed what why does possession have to be by your standards sir what do you guys think about this story this one's interesting as well I didn't talk about this one on the show that I filmed because uh this story I got later on but I did talk about the first story which was the picture and again a link to that video and the channel is in the description section below and in the comment section and like I said it's just a conversation about UFOs scary stuff which is space everything that's weird and strange and scary it's all there so make sure to subscribe if you like that like this video if you enjoyed it thank you for being part of the weirdest timing on YouTube cue the N card you see those two videos there those are there because you need to

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