11 January 2019

PIG FARM Pet supplies 50 year old Farm Girl with mini micro piglets. | Banshee moon

Buy the Banshee Moon calendar: https://www.etsy.com/listing/497149909/banshee-moon-calendar Pet supplies 50 year old Farm Girl with mini micro piglets.

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to subscribe click the watermark up there or the subscribe button down there and have fun [Music] [Music] [Music] Ichi I have lack of game you're here [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] a third playpen guy [Music] maybe no mini out there Thank You Unni Minnie get out get out just bigger bitch wouldn't climb there whose life depended on do you want to be a little pig for many a up over here Oh Minnie get off the farm a girl what do you got there one boy and three little girls oh my God he's so cute he's trying it back [Music] this is gonna be the pick of the litter I think the pick of the litter stay there Minnie stop licking your chops Minnie Minnie now jump back out

there yeah that was that one's gonna be Africa you see there Ross color let me just keep backing up you know if every fella but it's gonna be Africa color we should call these are true Vietnamese they are mixed with what which makes them small and oka dot it yeah there's mom hustling it up the stairs [Music] though no pink you have cute little kids and you are the prettiest firm girl I've ever seen then you get out of there so that's a girl do you like this pelmeni richest like bacon are you a true why is it animal smell like breakfast did you yeah yeah that one looks just like the mama they all look like they have blue eyes at least one this one is one blue eye has one anyway and that one's brown uh I'm a mini stop good boy [Music] they're jealous you mean you want to yeah that too so Jen you know you can't have any of these things this is trying to nurse my bicep flex it

[Music] [Music] this one's way bigger already [Music] [Music] any mini get out away oh oh this pretty girl is like I will fight you [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] hey go on [Music] [Music] which out is dirty in that to go to it is [Music] ODP like the air game is it rose maybe she's getting ready to handle it that's Dixie never doing it oh yes cuz you're scared you [Music]