17 May 2018

Pima Animal Care Center's New Home - Phase I Ribbon Cutting

Pima Animal Care Center celebrates the opening of Phase I of their new voter-approved facility! Thank you Pima County voters! Because of you, the world is ...


[Music] hi my name is Kristen Auerbach I'm the director here at Pima Animal Care Center [Music] here to welcome you to the ribbon-cutting for the first phase of the brand-new pack let's go back about 6 years there is this terrible paradox happening not just here in Pima County but in the United States there were communities full of animal lovers like all of you standing here today who loved your pets so deeply yet in our shelters there were tens of thousands and nationally millions and millions of animals dying in shelters in the United States and this was like most shelters most large shelters in the United States taking in large numbers of animals saving as many as they could but still losing so many lives so many of the best animals in the world were still dying in our shelter the only reason they were dying is because they were homeless and our story in Pima County could have ended there we could have been like most large shelters in the United States still on average big shelters are still euthanizing more than half the animals that come into their Charat we could

have ended the story there we could still be in the old pack but that's not where our story ended we're now one of the leading large shelters in the nation last year our euthanasia was just about a tenth of what it was six years ago we have an army of volunteers foster families and rescue partners thousands of people enter this facility to help save lives we have strong advocates and we have leadership in our city our county and our partners who care about animals and they have stood up to say that every animal who enters this shelter their life is just as important as that animal setting at home with you laying at your feet at night going to bed next to you our story is so different than what it could have been because of all of you you stood up and you said we can do better by animals and you said it's not a choice between helping people and helping pets because the health of animals in our community also reflects the health of people we have a leading Animal Protection Force that doesn't just write citations or catch straight dogs but helps people who have problems we help repair fences get dog houses for

people who need them and we help get pets back home we have an incredible veterinary team who saves virtually every animal in our care that has Katrina mole medical problems last year 10,000 pets went home with their new families 10,000 we have a banker who helps us raise money to save more lives many of you here are donors every dollar you give goes to save another life when you look at this building today the first half of our new facility for years to come when you walk in this building I hope you'll remember that the story could have ended much differently and it's because of this group of people and it's because of our community our taxpayers who said that animal lives matter and that this new facility was worth building it's because of all of you it's because all of you believing we could do better by animals and people that this building stands here today thank you [Applause] [Music]