03 July 2016

Place Boards and Pointing Dogs Part 3

Bird Dogs Afield TV visits pro-trainer Mike O'Donnell for a complete approach to training the pointing dog with place boards. This is Part 3 of a 3 part series.

folks welcome to part three of place

boards and pointy dogs with pro trainer Mike O'Donnell this is the last of the three part series and a very important part to fully understand how place boards are used to train pointing dogs please watch the next thing we'll do is we'll start introducing some gunshots so we're just gonna fire a couple blank loads here again I want the dog to stay still through gunfire I actually want that gunfire to represent a wall command as well so we're just got a brewster just going to get some shots and go behind the camera here and give us a couple shots and we wandered so what I'd ask you to do Bruce right about there is just even kick around in the grass a little bit and then just fire a shot off in that direction there just flip straight up onto safety there you go and go ahead with the other one very good all right so we would do a number of repetitions of that where I just fired a shot the dog should stay steady now I can put the two together I can I'll get Bruce to get another bird here he'll drop a bird and then he'll fire a blank shot so the dog is seeing those two pieces come together

I already know that I should stand still for a bird in flight I've been treating you know thought that I need to stand still for the gun fire and now let's see me stand still for the bird and gunfire he's just getting set up and we'll see that bird dogs are filled presented by native performance dog food providing performance diets for the canine athlete and brought to you in part by rst manufacturers of short chamber low pressure shot shells mud river dog products fundamentally changing the expectations of the hunter and dog enthusiast Pete you dryer inventor of the footwear dryer take on the nuisance of foot odor wouldn't stream outdoor Footwear outfitting adventures since 1957 visit wooden stream comm for a dealer near you canine active providing safe non-toxic pain relief for your dog Merkle shotguns robust reliable and intuitive that's what matters most when every split-second counts no matter what's going on you need to stay here for me I've got her on slack lead I don't want to be holding her here but I'm always watching to try and make sure that you know

she's not moving on us whenever you're ready Bruce beautiful that's that's what we're looking for there no yeah you know nothing she didn't go to move on it she stood how about taking a dead chucker for me Bruce I'm gonna jump ahead y'all so if my daughter if I do a number of repetitions like this where the dogs just standing through that I can either start actually shooting a live flyer or I could take a dead bird in this blank shot again and this is where it becomes more difficult because the dog sees the bird come back down to the ground why don't we come right over here and just throw it right at the end of the corn here so give it a toss and then even if there's a delay on the shot I know you got your hands full there but go ahead so I'm why I now I'm watching the dog you should be as well you know if this was a live flyer I'd have to be asking did the bird get hit is it down because my job is to focus on the dog but it's obviously it's a dead bird it's down and now I can reward her for all this work but even that is not the release but she's done great work and obviously

getting that bird in her mouth is gonna be the big reward fetch I had a girl and here's one of my other uses for the board I can work here I can work my delivery by putting the board right where I want the dog to deliver to me so I want my dog to deliver at my side she's so familiar with the board she's coming into a nice position for me so as I'm working on my retrieve work and I'm sending the dog out I don't have to keep saying here here or handle her a lot she comes right into where I need her to be oh good girl if I wanted the dog to finish in front of me I'll just do a quick one here I'm just gonna step behind the board whoa fetch if I want the dog to finish in front of me just put the board in front she's probably going to be confused because she saw a custom two coming in into the side here fetch so right there I gave her some stim because of her diddling around Laney no please and this is she's confused because I don't work I don't train this no lady right here good there you go oh but we'd get the dog coming in straight to us and sitting straight in front of

us but yeah I mean it's great tool you see how we just worked all these different pieces of bird work before we ever got back out on the bird to really build a solid understanding a really solid steadiness on the dog I've added in distraction added in distraction you know one more step I could even do before I go out to the field for you know for folks who say well what's the god dog gonna do without the board you know they put it together but I could if brewski just throw me a piece of carpet there we could go from the board to just a piece of carpet and and get you know that transition over if you feel you needed more of a transition but just be you know instead of the board I could have the carpet come here lady here and she's identifying with that piece of carpet right here whoa and then again it's just it's it's really not that important because you should come off the board be able to say whoa and have that dog standing for you and and again now this dog she's she's right there she's ready to be say whoa and have a much higher success rate of her standing still through all the excitement that goes along with that

that's it well I hope you enjoyed that three-part series with Mike O'Donnell very valuable information and it's certainly some new techniques that I've learned and I want to apply to my pointy dogs so we want to thank Mike O'Donnell for his time we want to thank Quail Ridge kennel and Preserve for allowing us to use their property to film this three-part series folks have a good time out in the field train your dog thanks a lot for watching bird dogs at Field presented by native performance dog food and brought to you in part by rst shotshells mud river dog products Pete shoe dryer wooden stream outdoor Footwear canine active and merkel shotguns