13 March 2019

Planet Fitness Hawaiian Gardens has mixed answers on service dogs...

Clerks seem confident papers are required. Manager disagreed. Who knows? You judge Donate to help my cause and check out my other work! links below.

all right plan of fitness Hawaiian

Gardens service dog accident and then had a question guys do you know what to do if a member comes in and they have a service dog with them yeah so so as long as they bring that paperwork's is fine sometimes they are allowed yeah but they have to bring their paperwork type of paperwork certification certification who will provide that [Music] it's like a baby and you talk to the manager - and eating one second yeah double check them out because yeah there aren't any documentation or certification like you're saying and you're not supposed to ask for that got my stuff plus anything's home will show you it's fake anyway and it looks bad on the service dog community and then because of that no matter what they show you you can say well this doesn't look like what I saw last time and you'd probably be right it doesn't and that doesn't mean anything either what about vests do you require both are to be dressed a specific way well they they're allowed to use them that it's just not required if you have a service out if you are more than welcome to

bring it in but surely nobody works we have to make sure the dog is always good working on your control well of course yeah everything actually need to do something wrong they'll be disrupt yeah but that's about it but you would just have to pay with your head all face yeah we're out the locker room mommy can you go I've had trouble saying we can't have you near the toilets near the showers LA Fitness says that one thing they don't let the dog in the locker room that's not legal but that's what they do yeah I usually use a weight plate to tie it up near me if I'm free weights or one inch high and tight to the bishop I'm experienced with it but I've had trouble I've had like he was saying Tom they they will ask for papers and certification I'm a member of the service opportunity and don't it's illegal to brag about fake papers and it looks back to so I don't do that even though you can fight stuff off fans I mean I had trouble with Planet Fitness and they said I have to show on papers blah blah blah nope it's over actions that's that's that's fine everyone right no the problem I thought was gate keeper access

like talking about they just wouldn't let me in without showing some sort of papers and I come back time after time I travel so it's important to me if I show up I plan on sharing stuff if you can't can I just over and open and for instance like I'm not allowed to be a member at this club in this franchise because what I've just said so that brings up another question you're the manager you're not here all night right you are open all night right for hours I've what happened to show up in the middle of the night it's like that's why I always check for mind games if I have a feeling of wife appeals here at 2:00 in the morning I showed up and I'm old I don't have a back-up plan yeah cool educate to men alright thank you and thank you for knowing although I will make this way back at 2015 this alliance location I checked here and it was a male manager and he knew as well so nice area or whatever okay I've started without telling I might have problems my past what to do was just you know there cuz that's is a good point there's no reason you tell them ahead of time but asking their policy but when it comes to the very

specific club sets that I can't access because of the past I'd like to point out hey you up before like the dude just did and I suspect you might up again in the future so he didn't know and you could see he talked about they did usually have the vests and then papers manager clearly read a book or something with all the haters I got so many trolls that keep saying it's the I don't know I'm talking about I got it wrong why is it that so many times when you get a manager with a crisp set of answers and responses it's exactly as I said and note she was still a little bit like oh you got to me to keep the truth dog is with you and me make sure there's no problem like really yeah that's if there's behavioral issues as a service dog put it out there's never I never been involved in anything that no one's ever bothered I've never been in there long enough for something like that to happen where there's a problem with the dog and my dogs were wonderful dogs there was just never an opportunity for that that's not I I was describing to her

like I did have three newcomers whatever I've been to the gym hundreds and hundreds of times as a service dog I keep getting bounced around because outcome and it's like I described there I'll come in and a new employee or I go to a new club that's part of the same franchise in a different place something will happen I'll lose access to the whole franchise it's just a rant you never know what there are two people there to add two different responses and if I showed up at 2:00 in the morning which is something this is a 24-hour Club and I might use that sometimes I sleep near 24-hour clubs with the cops I bet yeah oh I'm going right here I got something yeah and that can help or if I get dirty doing something with someone they dropped me off at eight o'clock the hot seasons coming but she said it there she'll educate her employees but how many is that that's like ten although I like I said when there years ago four years ago this exact Club past when I checked back when the during the immediate time of the Hawthorne incident when they do that Hawthorne was talking with me but they

never corrected Hawthorne 100% Dale we had the police there the police assured me nothing would happen I showed up with my phone dead and this is going through a real poor time back in 2015 yeah my shoulder was just healing from being broken and I was weak and they they failed said they they knew and they did it anyway they're like haha and then they trespassed me for calling the police on them and causing a disruption and the reason they called the police they weren't letting Hannah the police already told once that is there just a joke and I stung them and they had no training and they said the wrong it's it's kind of pathetic and then the that this is all old of 2015 now here 2019 it's when I'm getting the videos like a downtown where they just say yeah we don't permit service logs all we're a private establishment that's our stance in the manager told us that's met years later it's gotten worse it's consistent