08 September 2016

PLANNING BABY MAX'S FIRST DATE!!! - Minecraft - Little Donny Adventures.

Little Donny and Baby Max plan an amazing date for Baby Bonnie. - Minecraft - Little Donny & Little Club Adventures. SUBSCRIBE to join Baby Leah: ...

I knew your little Donnie's palace I

need some advice who cool what do you doing over there I'm hanging out with my granddad what are you up to oh I just came over for some manly advice oh no wait it's daughter what you know he's off doing some adventure I think he's learnin her to fly a spaceship or something oh he's a crazy little dog isn't he have you seen sure it's often no I've got my dolphin look oh cool do I have a corner what do you mean no one I'm a co-owner go for a swim and you can jump on top of her really yeah go for coffee okay whew granddad always Wow my Pegasus put in the water yeah she's crazy too I know she can just fit me really fast ah so cool what's her name Elle oh that's a nice name can you let's see you that's on top of her yeah I'm a baby can't read your ass itty bitty now a joke no look it is there oh she's a little bit injured oh no did you jump on her cuz your soup would you would you that's what I think that's my big heavy but you heard her back yeah so what's up why you over here today well so remember we were at the beach to you today yeah and you met that girl and she's so pretty and you love her

that's top don't be teasing me again her name is Barney and she's the nicest girl in the world and she's really pretty and she's super cute and she looks little ugly and she smells nice oh she's so pretty and to Jasper no date yet yeah well she asked me on a date and then we said we're gonna caller and I'm gonna get rings so I need some advice from you what should i do how should we organized a cooker so you wanna take her a day is it yes please oh okay awesome okay I'm the manticore for going on dates because I've been on loads of days with little Kelly I haven't been on a date in a word but I can still give you some advice what to do and where to go okay okay perfect but I should order I should take place in you because didn't Kelly dumped you we're on a break okay okay oh sorry okay okay that's fair enough okay and raise if we've got to do is make you look smart because right now you're wearing a nappy so yeah so I was thinking maybe we should get like a dress I mean it took Sedo not a dress we'll get your tuxedo what color do you want I like purple oh wow that was easy very tuxedo and

then we should buy some presents for Bonnie get some tickets for something or go okay dude we'll go to the shopping mall we'll get you say my words we get some chocolates we'll get you a brand new tuxedo and then we'll go maybe and book some dinner tickets and then maybe you can take it to a concert or something like that wow that sounds like a really nice day maybe we should just do that instead awesome let's go okay plan out the whole day today and then maybe for the weekend you can take around 8:00 yes that's a great idea I'd love that thank you so much for your help little Donnie once we have everything booked today you can call her and ask her out okay I'll tell you what to do okay okay good advice no don't be tricking me did you talk over here that Pinker yes nice isn't it baby leah has one of those yeah I know I think I'm gonna have to get rid of it cuz donut doesn't like it either it's pretty cool maybe different-colored oh yeah maybe I could just take your Bugatti yeah okay cool come on let's open the rolls-royce move anthe oh yeah maybe I can take you guys on a date as

well what about that oh you could be our chauffeur I could be a show for you get sit in the back I could put on a tuxedo and you could drive around the whole day that sounds like a great idea okay come on let's go to the mall all right let's do it okay Big Macs here we are at the shopping mall what do you want to do for us today you wanna buy some chocolates or some flowers or any tuxedo for you I know one food for taking cake please food you want steak and cake yeah always you want the cake first or a steak first no together tanks work we can't have a nice thick cake do lots of shopping okay okay okay so I want to get bunnies and Fridays I want to get in some new clothes so hmm where do we start flowers first get some flowers yeah you know where to Ferris I think the flowers it this way I remember getting Kenny flowers here before okay I love Rudy man I gotta cut flowers here lots of times for us well know exactly where it is okay what kind of flowers do you think she's gonna like well I gave her a daisy last time so maybe something different this time she's kind of like a she cut like a sheet of gray Oh cut a little bit

of purple and it was it yeah oh yeah wanna be cool purple get the purple one okay let's see if I can reach it's very far away Oh can reach can reach got it oh gosh the pot is it okay if I smashed it put the pot back okay and I got nothing here because we're look but take this one yeah thank you they go thank you thank you thank you there we go - okay one more for her Oh three is a good number perfect let me get that where to go get it to the ground over a few there there behind you I picked it up here thank you very much thank you making it gonna give I got it yeah honey Toby's a rude so I'm Adam hey do Nam can just put these on my account this Prince Donny please just take thanks Donny flowers okay thank you thank you thank you bye see you later okay so also nice some sweets oh how about we buy her that car over there no short like it what going up again upstairs okay you lead the way you seem to know where you're going I was here before baby the coop is good for me into the pet I've been here lots of times I've got alright okay sweets sweets where are the sweets candy

candy smell a candy where are they downstairs does this oh you're something you just make me run around aren't you I found some cool stuff over here okay what'd you get candy in here look at this this nice ice creams and you can buy sweets remember little stores like cookies oh good what is it sandwich things of cookies ooh sweet gum Chuck a party oh yes that's a great idea too damn delicious have some of those thank you mine did you get 16 oh that's all that's all yeah but I got some cookies I'm gonna get myself a little bit of chocolate as well well would you would you oh I got five Snickers bars - money I'm just too sharp hang out there there we go five okay I'll go 16 because I think she'd like them and then maybe we could have some as well I'm gonna keep treat for myself okay Judy Brunner I got a beer and I'm gonna give one to a stuff Hey look at me boom hello would you like to pay for your purchases sir it's just being a Messer it's okay it's okay I'll tell them to that we probably talked enough I paid a bit later on okay great

idea okay I've got something else to show you in front of me oh come on all right there we go think it'd be a good idea because you're a baby and she yeah yes if you come down this baby yeah okay I'm come on come on guys short legs remember there's a really cool little area down here that you can take a photo of dance and you can have some oh wow you go to the concert oh look at this cool it's awesome isn't it it's really nice look there's lots of people look dancing already did it Dean loved it after you meter right you can breathe air you can give her the chocolates and the flowers then you come here and you can have a little dance whatever so more candy it's a cake up here you can order some stuff up here as well I can't be so nice I think she'd love that and then after you finish that then you could take her to the concert what a great idea it sounds like an amazing day cool I think she's gonna love it I can't wait she's gonna love it she's gonna love you as well no silly baby Barney and Big Macs signatory Kos s ing snob you're embarrassing me okay so what do I get oh my goodness Ella what lizard must

escape and pizza all right where's Tiny Joe oh maybe that's it little tighter he's so cute that guy is cool no more limbs pet hey get 100 get you an awesome tuxedo yeah that's a great deal oh I've never worn a suit before no way yeah lots of suits oh I've got put advice for it so you like purple don't you yeah yeah purple sounds good or just the fashion store this fashion store I'm when you put on your clothes you got to do it a bit of a catwalk okay doo doo doo doo I'm so - murder look at me we have many girls on your lap young oh you could jump in here I'm gonna get some clothes after lady I'm gonna try some suits on P okay all right great idea okay baby marks are you ready with the first outfit let's see them oh good we've been nervous okay ready I'm gonna open the door and three okay Kay three two one oh my gosh let's have a look that's so cool I love what do you like it oh let me just have a look at myself I'm so handsome I love this it's go okay hang on all right you ready here we go oh my god I know and turn whoo that's so cool I'm not so sure about yellow it's a bit too bright don't

you think um it's a bit crazy all right but I kind of like it I think it suits you put a let's try another one okay let's see let's go okay back in there for you okay okay thanks okay done are you ready for the next one I can't wait to see it you look really really cool the first one but I want to see this for me but this one's even better I love this one check you know what that's kind of like monotone well before it's really really handsome on you and it looks so snazzy in this one I'd really like this intermediate but I do a bit of a walk yeah let's see who dude I don't think should it read little pacifier that you have as well oh yeah matches that I like a little Dicky bows well that's okay this one's definitely winning we get this one art is there any more here we are baby max we made it to the concert hall it's so cool here you're gonna love it I cannot wait to check this place out and look at me and my cool tuxedo I never want to take this off oh my gosh it looks so good and you I read like it it's much better than the yellow one and the purple one let you try it on I think it's a very good choice yes this was an

excellent choice and I'm so glad I don't think I'm ever gonna take it up I'm gonna wear it all the time I think Donna has that one as well so to decompress someday and it looks so cool oh that's a great idea so where are we what are we doing here so this is a concert hall hey guys how you doing hey sir Hayden we're just gonna have a look around and then babycook gonna buy some tickets okay so babe mix oh look local Sun look who's home oh look at that there's a big Jake JEP is that Justin Bieber wow so cool it could be James Bond or Jason Bourne whoa Oh Johnny Bravo oh what's that from 24 check power back there yeah just a beaver could be I think his Barbie is Justin Bieber though because I know yeah it's just the Bieber but it's not here yet oh look baymax this is so embarrassing oh no way hey how you doing so weird what he's having so much fun but look I no matter in I look better at the moment here today it's just a barn just as I hear yeah but when you're gonna be waiting from here look look I'm gonna pretend to be Justin Bieber oh you're so cool stay that I'm sorry whoo well that's good singing you're awesome yeah I sound exactly like him oh

look look and you can sit over here as well you can take a seat here and you can get the best seats in the house oh yes yes can we book these seats awesome this is actually Romania Kelly sat on a tape board and it was kind of a bad day because LT was here oh it was here and then she said loads me and then Kelly got really jealous and then we had a big fight and we broke up a little bit oh my gosh that sounds awful I know it was terrible and we're kind of open up now but I'm gonna get it back I don't know good little bit long so does food and everything get a little bit of food over here Oh YUM yes and you can have a bit of a dance over here as well then maybe maybe later on when it gets there maybe you can sneak in for the kiss no way that's gross baby baby bond you have an air kiss oh no that's embarrassing oh my gosh we're here as well come on this way to the piano up mr. Buckley stage end up backstage it is only this where you hang out with them with Justin Bieber after the concert show would you get us tickets backstage I'll see what I can do I'll have a chat with the guy at the

front awesome that sounds like a great plan Oh that'd be so cool she'd be so impressed oh definitely she's got absolutely love it okay come on let's go beeping get some tickets okay great idea come on I'm coming a gun you're so fast I can never keep up with you in your long leg that's because my legs are so long and you got little short little baby legs everyone hey sir how you doing we'd like to get two tickets for Justin Bieber actually you better give us three because I'm gonna come as well to make sure you're okay because you only a baby and it's your first date yes of course there's a greater you can be a chauffeur Shepherd need a chaperone chauffeur fella so buddy tickets please Justin Bieber and maybe some VIP ones as well ooh fancy fur no problem sir all I get those tickets sent out to you straight away and I've got some VIP pass as well so you can meet Justin after the concert oh my gosh thank you so much that's great well we got the VIP as well thank you Tony you're so kind I got played I'm awesome it's okay okay thank you very much sir okay baby max say what you wanna do now you've got everything

organized you have your flowers you have your strawberry chocolates you got a tuxedo you got tickets do you wanna maybe give her a call on a script the day I think you're probably gonna have to that's the next day age isn't it okay cool and right get your phone out let's do it now okay okay baby max you be cool you gonna call her now and ask her out your very first date are you nervous of course I'm nervous look I don't even know if I'm gonna remember that words or numbers are okay okay I'm just gonna do it all right oh here we go say hey it's gone and it's bad max I mentioned the beach last week and I really take you on a date I've got a special part okay okay here we go okay okay hello hi it's baby max here yeah yeah yeah baby max from when we met at the beach hi bunny it's great to hear your voice how have you been okay um I just wanted to ask you something Bonnie I was wondering if you would like to come out with me and maybe tomorrow night would you like that yeah I've got something really nice planned we could go for dinner and then maybe I'm gonna take you to a concert afterwards oh you would oh oh that's amazing aw that'd be

great okay um I'll pick you up tomorrow evening okay Thank You Bonnie talk to you soon bye bye oh my gosh oh my gosh did she say yes yes that's amazing she said yes yeah what do you mean you can't believe it okay so you gonna be up there tomorrow night is it yes yes you're smart you will you come with us you'll be our chaperone yeah I'm gonna put on a tuxedo and I'll be your chauffeur and I'll make sure everything's a pattern y'all okay all right I can't wait I'll take John II cannot wait it's gonna be so much fun so cool I can't wait as well hey guys thanks for watching it awesome episode of myself little Tony and baby max oh my gosh we have so much fun today set up your first date babe max are you really excited I'm super excited but I'm also a little bit nervous but I just cannot wait to pick funny up and go on our super date that we have planned it's gonna be so much fun little Donnie don't worry about I'll be here to help you here you're gonna have a great time because if you really liked this episode make sure you hit the like and subscribe button check out all the links in description below you can

follow both of us on Instagram I'm gonna see you again tomorrow as for today it's gonna be awesome [Music]