14 March 2019

Play Animal Hair Salon Australia for Girls - Virtual Pet Care Game for Kids

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animal hair salon Australia hi my name

is aimy [Music] [Music] [Music] hi my name is Amy [Music] can you dress her up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] hey my name is Sydney dress me up please nice James fits perfect [Music] you got so cool oh yes [Music] hey my name is Sydney let's do my makeup [Music] apply the eyeliner place which color do you like and mascara of course can you change my eye color I [Music] love it let's take a photo Amy sure hey my name is Sydney welcome back to my Channel today I'm gonna be doing this natural looking makeup let's start with an eye shadow take a brush and apply it over my lid

[Music] eyeliner is always a tricky part so keep your hand steady [Music] just to add even more drama to our eyes let's use one of these mascaras now we're on to the final step the lip [Music] watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to show me some love do so by giving this video a thumbs up welcome back to my channel [Music]