10 February 2019

Play Fun Cute Animal Care - Farm Animal Hospital 3 - Take Care Of Cute Animals Fun Games For Kids

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farm animals hospital doctor three come

back every day and get more coins [Music] welcome to the Animal Hospital [Music] temperature [Music] Spray her medicine Miss Judy would like some tea can you dress up Miss Judy very good perfect very nice beautiful [Music] perfect you got style now she's not afraid of the rain City Animal Hospital [Music] this is Pixley with black to take a mud bath [Music] nice yoga mosquito bite open the box apply it please [Music] much better put the robot good job apply a cooling facemask to treat the saturated and cucumbers for some freshness [Music] now remove the slices clean your face please [Music] Pixley skin looks great she will use sunscreen next time Animal Hospital [Music]

congratulations you got a reward [Music] welcome to the Animal Hospital [Music] miss viola spends too much time reading books in the dark let's out miss my whiskers quite sweet leader now take off the broken glasses you clean the pots now let's get ready to test violence vision [Music] leaving a few eyedrops use the laser to fix your eyes good job now put these figures on the board to test violence mission [Music] choose new glasses for miss Bartlet [Music] [Applause] [Music] Smyly will be able to read again Billy the donkey ate too much candy now he has a too big for Billy let's help him turn on the lamp now it's time to remove the bag to put in a new one great now take care of the others [Music] perfect [Music]

good job Billy waters a badge for your bravery how Billy to get rid of the candies [Music] [Music] welcome to the Animal Hospital here we try to save this chicks and eat my box [Music] [Music] now give it some time to heal [Music] [Music] welcome to the Animal Hospital [Music] oh poor baby is sweating wipe it off let's listen to his heart we have to check his blood pressure [Music] going on in his stomach [Music] catch those butterflies our job is done we know the diagnosis Benny [Music] so [Music] perfect style [Music] are you a stylist super [Music]

love is in the air thank you for your help [Music] let's go to the next level [Music] let's go to the next level [Music]